The Mighty Sparrow at NAPA Fest

NAPA Fest: Celebrating our Calypso Monarchs 1939 - 1980

NAPA Fest: Celebrating our Calypso Monarchs 1939 - 1980
presented by the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism

NAPA Fest in pictures

Get well soon, Birdie
For as long as most of us can remember, the Mighty Sparrow has been an integral part of the social and political fabric of Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout his five and a half decades as a much-heralded entertainer, Sparrow has won the acclaim and respect of adoring fans throughout the world, but more particularly in the Caribbean and in the West Indian diasporas.
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NAPA Fest culminates with Calypso Show

NAPA FEST, a production of the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism will come to a grand finale this weekend – July 17th and 18, 2010 with a Calypso Show to celebrate our Calypso Monarchs in a production entitled: “Through the eyes of Calypso 1930-1980″.

The Show is expected to be filled with pump and flare as the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism brings down the curtains on what has been dubbed “A Worthwhile Endeavour”, that generated great public interest thanks to an array of outstanding performances by local entertainers. This proved that the talent of acting, singing, dancing and musical performances are not just something possessed internationally but also extends to Trinidad and Tobago with our very diverse culture.
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TSTT to review Beyoncé show

By Shaliza Hassanali
February 21, 2010 –

In the face of heavy criticism against Telecommunications Services of T&T (TSTT), regarding poor service at Beyoncé’s I Am Concert, the state-owned company plans to correct its wrongs by undertaking a review. TSTT’s manager of media relations Graeme Suite gave this assurance yesterday, as the telecommunications giant came under fire from scores of general, VIP and VVIP patrons who left last Thursday’s concert at Queen’s Park Savannah dissatisfied, due to what they termed poor organisation and bad service. VVIP tickets were priced at $1,600, with VIP and general going at $1,000 and $500, respectively. Asked who was to be held accountable for the chaos and confusion that reigned, Suite responded: “You are asking the wrong question, and I am not going to give an answer to a question with who is accountable. “We are not going to issue a statement blaming anyone.”
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JW & Blaze steal the Carnival stage

Palance by miles
JW & Blaze steal the Carnival stage

Palaance, Palaance!
Masqueraders turned Port-of-Spain, San Fernando and venues across the country into a “palance party” as they gave Soca Monarchs JW and Blaze’s hit “Palance” a runaway victory in the Road March race.

No stopping Palance in Road March race

‘Palance’, MacFarlane take over Downtown
An early start to Downtown Carnival saw an explosion of colour and more time to palance on the streets of Port of Spain yesterday.
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Kurt Rules Calypso

Warner congratulates Silver Stars for 2nd National Panorama title

Kurt Rules Calypso
KURT Allen convincingly won the 2010 Calypso Monarch competition on Sunday night with a lively song, “Too Bright” that hit profligate politicians.

King Kurt …too bright for Chalkie
Calypsonian/soca artiste, Kurt Allen, dethroned defending monarch Chalkdust on Sunday to become the 2010 National Calypso Monarch.

…Allen too bright for rivals

…Sweet victory for new Monarch
Daughter Choc’late: I know he is a passionate person. My dad loves music and there is nothing more that he likes than to go on stage and to sing and perform.
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Kurt Allen cops Calypso Monarch

Calypsonian/soca artiste, Kurt Allen, dethroned defending monarch Chalkdust on Sunday to become the 2010 National Calypso Monarch.
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Junior King of Carnival results


By Alexander Bruzual
Monday, February 15 2010

In his third consecutive appearance at the Junior King of Carnival competition, 13-year-old Matthew Barnes scored his first victory at the final last Friday night at the Northern Greens, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain.

Barnes, a Form Two student of St Mary’s College, portrayed a multi-coloured green and brown costume titled, “Sting in the Sandstorm”, which was designed by his father Gerard Barnes.
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JW and Blaze win Soca Monarch

JW and Blaze win Soca Monarch
After winning the bmobile Blackberry International Soca Monarch title on Friday night at the Queen’s Park Oval, Port-of-Spain, television and radio personalities, JW and Blaze are looking for the cherry on their cake, that is the Road March title.

Shurwayne takes Groovy Monarch

Pay but no view for int’l viewers of Soca Monarch
Foreign Internet users tuning in to the International Soca Monarch finals at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port-of-Spain on Friday night received a rude awakening after realising they were unable to view the much-anticipated competition.
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Mistah Shak – ‘Rogue’

‘Ravi B’ is Chutney Soca Monarch 2010 Reporters
February 10, 2010

Chutney Soca Monarch Finals 2010Ravi Bissambhar popularly known as ‘Ravi B’ was crowned the Chutney Soca Monarch 2010 for his winning performance of “Ah Drinka”, becoming the youngest ever Chutney Soca Monarch. Members of the the audience as well as viewers worldwide overwhelmingly voted by text for Ravi B, who tallied 9575 votes to win the $200,000 first prize. Ravi B, who came second last year excited the crowd with his song which told of marital difficulties between a young couple that was caused by the husband’s love for drinking and liming:
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