Mistah Shak – D Blueprint

Mistah Shak – D Blueprint – Calypso Fiesta Skinner Park 2012

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  • Dimanche Gras 2012 Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool — Shame Mr Shak


  • Same old, same old from Chalkdust

    Story Updated: Feb 22, 2012 at 11:44 PM ECT

    Mistah Shak sang a very interesting calypso at the Calypso Monarch semi-finals in Skinner Park this year entitled “The Blue Print” and I agree with him fully.

    Some calypsonians seem to be stuck in a time warp. If you should happen to see videos of Chalkdust singing in the Dimanche Gras during the 1970s, the only difference from then to now is that his beard is white — he is older. His melodies have been the same for the past 40 years.

    With all the success he has had in calypso competitions, I often wonder how many points he is awarded for melody.

    Chalkdust is a master story teller but as Mistah Shak has implied, he has not evolved.

    I listened to Chalkie’s reply to Mistah Shak on Dimanche Gras night entitled “Shame Mistah Shak” and he clearly missed the point.

    Mistah Shak never said that he, Cro Cro and Sugar Aloes should leave calypso. Mistah Shak addressed the judges and said that if a calypsonian doesn’t sound like one of them, it is difficult to get the judges’ nod.

    Chalkie went on to say that nobody ever asked Bob Marley or Whitney Houston to stop singing their compositions.

    How could Chalkdust mention two of the most versatile artistes to make his point? Their songs were never monotonous, long and boring.

    Then came Chalkie’s annual cheap attack that he launches only when Dimanche Gras is in the air, that six of the finalists could not write a line in calypso.

    He also wondered why Mistah Shak didn’t ask Gypsy to stop singing extempo. You cannot compare extempo, which is done on the spur of the moment, with a calypso for which an artiste has much more time to prepare.

    It seems as if the older kaisonians feel that the younger ones cannot tell them anything.

    I remember how Cro Cro ridiculed Kurt Allen in song when Kurt suggested that the older bards should pass the ball.

    So Chalkie, doh find dat Mistah Shak farse and outta place but as Iwer advised you in his kaiso years ago: think it over, think it again.

    Trevor Rigsby

    Diego Martin


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