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Thank God for Carnival

By Derren Joseph’
February 22, 2009

So it’s Carnival Sunday once again. The country is alive with that special energy. Today, I extend a special “welcome home” to those of the Trinbagonian diaspora who are “home” for the festivities. For many who reside abroad, this pilgrimage is an important way of connecting with our “roots.” In the travel and tourism industry, we call these people VFR traffic, that is, those who come to visit friends and relatives.

Derren Joseph logoMy uncle Steve is one of these overseas-based Trinis who visits for Carnival when he can. Last week, Uncle Steve was sharing with me his memories of Carnival growing up. His mother discouraged him from participating in Carnival, because of its association with violence and negativity. In secondary school, Short Pants helped me understand just how important history is. So now, I enjoy talking to the elders about Trinidad in times gone by. We could never know where we are going until we appreciate where we came from. This Carnival I enjoyed my calypso. Despite rumours to the contrary, calypso is alive and well. Kudos to Pink Panther, Brother Resistance, Karega Mandela and the rest of the TUCO executive.
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