Extempo champion, Sheldon John, dies

UPDATE: April 03, 2012

Sheldon John at Kaisorama 2011
Sheldon John – Former Extempo Monarch of T&T

Extempo craftsman, Sheldon John, dies
Sheldon John, 2011 Extempo Calypso King has passed away approximately one month shy of his 39th birthday, according to Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Association’s (TUCO’s) Welfare Officer Carlston Kerr on Monday. He died of kidney failure at approximately 5.30 pm on Sunday at the Eric Willliams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope.
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Mistah Shak – D Blueprint

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Duane O’Connor the 2012 Calypso Monarch

Duane O’Connor the 2012 Calypso Monarch
Duane O’Connor has dethroned Karene Asche at the Calypso Monarch competition to secure the $1 million first prize. O’Connor ‘s two songs, “The Hunt is On” and “Long Live Calypso,” received the judges’ collective nod to take home the crown at the Dimanche Gras show. He is also the Young King for 2012.
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Pan On A Higher Note

National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) presents 'Pan On A Higher Note'
Clike here for “Pan On A Higher Note” in pictures

The Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism’s National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) presents “Pan On A Higher Note” at Lord Kitchener Auditorium, NAPA – June 04-05, 2011
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Wayne Berkeley dies

Legendary Mas Maker Wayne Berkeley's Send-Off

Berkeley dies at 70
Legendary masman Wayne Berkeley died yesterday evening at age 70. In 2000, he suffered a severe stroke that left him paralysed on the right side of his body but never dulled his creativity

Berkeley makes mas no more
Mas designing legend Wayne Berkeley passed away at the family home on Clifford Street, Belmont, yesterday evening. He was 71.
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Bands of the year results

Bands of the year results

1. Humanity-Circle of Life — Mac Farlane Carnival — 1,335
2. Tales of Merrie Olde England — Trini Revellers — 1,278
3. South Pacific — Legacy — 1,198
4. Colour of Green — Showtime Trinidad — 1,058
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THEY CAME, they trampled, they stomped as the Queen’s Park Savannah stage beckoned Carnival revellers, from far and wide, local and foreign, to “come to meh.” The Carnival revelry climaxed yesterday as thousands of masqueraders crossed the big stage.

Machel set for 4th Road March title
Blazing the trail with his hit Advantageous, International Soca Monarch Machel Montano is confident that the song will lead him to his fourth Road March title.
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Revellers kiss big stage

Revellers kiss big stage
REVELLERS dropped to their knees and kissed the big stage with reverence as Carnival returned to Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain with a bang yesterday after an absence of several years.

FORMER Junior Calypso Monarch Karene Asche yesterday morning became the first woman to win the National Calypso Monarch crown in almost a decade, and in the process made history by taking home the competition’s largest ever cash prize of $2 million.
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King and Queen of Carnival Results

King of Carnival Wade Madray portrays 'Pacific Tsunami' from Legacy's South Pacific
King of Carnival Wade Madray portrays ‘Pacific Tsunami’ from Legacy’s South Pacific

King of Carnival Results

1 Wade Madray — “Pacific Tsunami” — 421 points

2 Owen Hinds Jr — “Battle of the Marabuntas” — 420

3 Curtis Eustace — “Bozo-D Legend Lives On” — 416
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Karene Asche crowned Calypso Monarch

Karene Asche was crowned 2011 Calypso Monarch, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, in Port of Spain, early this morning (March 7). Asche captured the $2 million first prize with her two selections, “Be Careful What You Ask For” and “Uncle Jack”. Wade Madray – “Pacific Tsunami” – copped the King of Carnival title. And Peola Marchan – “D Jeweled Chandelier” – was named Queen of Carnival.