JW & Blaze steal the Carnival stage

Palance by miles
JW & Blaze steal the Carnival stage

Palaance, Palaance!
Masqueraders turned Port-of-Spain, San Fernando and venues across the country into a “palance party” as they gave Soca Monarchs JW and Blaze’s hit “Palance” a runaway victory in the Road March race.

No stopping Palance in Road March race

‘Palance’, MacFarlane take over Downtown
An early start to Downtown Carnival saw an explosion of colour and more time to palance on the streets of Port of Spain yesterday.

Mac Farlane ‘resurrects’
Large Band of the Year winner for 2009 Brian Mac Farlane’s Resurrection: The Mas was a smash hit with spectators in Port-of-Spain as many expressed pride to see the return of “long time mas.”

Ronnie and Caro aim for hat-trick
Husband and wife masmakers Ronnie and Caroline McIntosh were determined to score a hat-trick and capture the coveted Medium Band of the Year title.

Rainforests, chiefs dominate south mas

Sales slow, city vendors complain
Sales were slow this Carnival, a cadre of vendors in Port of Spain complained yesterday.

Bikinis, feathers for ‘India mas’
East Indian themes were a popular choice for large bands participating in the Parade of the Bands yesterday with two presentations based entirely on some aspect of East Indian culture and another two with sections in tribute to the Asian mystique.

‘Corbeaux’ draws stares on Ariapita
Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook was transformed into a catwalk of culture yesterday, as masqueraders opted for costumes that reflected the diversity of the Eastern world as opposed to beads and bikinis.

Smaller crowds, less mas in Sando Carnival

Jack: Bigger mas for Chaguanas in 2011
A bigger and brand new Chaguanas Carnival is what Chaguanas West Member of Parliament is promising for residents of Central.

12,000 in Central mas
At about 7.30 pm on Monday an estimated crowd of 12,000 converged on the Carapichiama Junction in Waterloo for its popular night mas.

Queen of the bands

The spirit of a King

‘I began to pray’
“It was me versus the wind and the most I could have done at the point in time was say my prayers. It could have been worse.” This is how San Fernando King of Carnival Aaron Kalicharan, 25, felt when he collapsed under the weight of his costume “Danhyang Desa” during his appearance on stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain on Sunday night. He was a finalist in the national King of Carnival competition at Dimanche Gras.

Kurt rules

CNMG moves against Gayelle over Carnival rights
State-owned television station Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) has sent a lawyer’s letter to Gayelle The Channel for what it says is its illegal broadcasting of the parade of the bands on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Warner lauds Silver Stars

Philbert: Police searches reduced violent crimes

Spectators feel safe for Carnival

Skin, the order of the day
Skin, skin and more skin was the order of the day yesterday, as masqueraders chose to wear next to nothing as they paraded the city streets.

Cops ready to pounce on illegal ‘cool downs’
Police officers will be taking a zero tolerance approach against persons engaging in or attempting to host any illegal leisure activity on Manzanilla Beach today.

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