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Conqueror Killed While Crossing Road

Leroy 'Mighty Conqueror' Paul
Leroy ‘Mighty Conqueror’ Paul

Leroy ‘Mighty Conqueror’ Paul was struck by a car on the night of Thursday 27th January, 2011, while crossing Wrightson Road near the Kalypso Revue Tent at SWWTU Hall. He succumbed to his injuries in hospital. ‘Mighty Conqueror’ was on his way to rehearsals for the 2011 Calypso tent season. His hits included “Trinidad Dictionary”, “Woman And Money” and “Fresh Water Yankee”. He was 71.
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Junior King of Carnival results


By Alexander Bruzual
Monday, February 15 2010

In his third consecutive appearance at the Junior King of Carnival competition, 13-year-old Matthew Barnes scored his first victory at the final last Friday night at the Northern Greens, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain.

Barnes, a Form Two student of St Mary’s College, portrayed a multi-coloured green and brown costume titled, “Sting in the Sandstorm”, which was designed by his father Gerard Barnes.
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Mistah Shak – ‘Rogue’

Señor Gomez’s Tribute to Lyndia Gomez

Señor Gomez's Tribute to Lyndia GomezRenowned Carnival Mas-maker, Señor Gomez, gives a peek at his Carnival 2010 presentation titled Tribute to Lyndia Gomez. This presentation is unlike those that usually honour heroes and heroines posthumously. Instead, Señor Gomez chose to dedicate his Carnival creations to his wife who is still very vibrant and full of life. See our photo album for a taste of Señor Gomez’s Fancy Sailor creations presented to us at his George Street home. In those photos you’ll also see some of the people who assisted in the work. Senor Gomez and Lyndia also took the time to show them off in the picturesque Queen’s Park Savannah.

Señor Gomez’s Tribute to Lyndia Gomez in pictures
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Legacy 2010 Carnival Launch ‘Masala’

Models portray sections from Masala

Masala Models

Legacy’s 2010 Carnival presentation “Masala” took place at The Anchorage Entertainment Centre, Chaguaramas on October 3rd 2009. This year, after delving into other ethnic roots for their Carnival presentations, specifically Native American heritage with “Hiawatha” in 2007, African heritage with “Passages” in 2008 and Chinese heritage with “Kingdom of the Dragon” in 2009, Legacy portrays concepts of Indian heritage with “Masala” for 2010.

Masala, which is a name given to describe a combination of spices is used in Indian and other South Asian cuisine to add flavour and zing to dishes. Similarly, Legacy portends that “Masala” would indeed add flavour and zing to next year’s Carnival.

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Dream Team 2010 Carnival Launch ‘Gems’

Models present Crystal Crush

'Crystal Crush'

Dream Team launched their 2010 Carnival band titled “Gems of the World” or “Gems” for short, on September 19, 2009, at the St. Johns Entertainment Centre Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

After several hours of mingling and friendly association, the action began with some of the contestants for Miss World Trinidad and Tobago showcasing themselves to the public. Their stint on stage was brief, but the crowd seemed pleased with the crop of Miss World Trinidad and Tobago participants, one of which would represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage.

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Ronnie and Caro launches ‘Tribute’

Models present Fire Bird and Fancy Sailor

Fire Bird & Fancy Sailor

Ronnie and Caro held the launch of their Carnival 2010 presentation on 29th August, 2009, at the St. Johns Entertainment Centre Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. Led by the husband and wife team of Ronnie and Caroline Mc Intosh, the band gave the audience a scintillating glimpse into their 2010 offering titled “Tribute”. The concept involves paying tribute to various icons of mas who have contributed immensely to the Carnival landscape.

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Thank God for Carnival

By Derren Joseph’
February 22, 2009

So it’s Carnival Sunday once again. The country is alive with that special energy. Today, I extend a special “welcome home” to those of the Trinbagonian diaspora who are “home” for the festivities. For many who reside abroad, this pilgrimage is an important way of connecting with our “roots.” In the travel and tourism industry, we call these people VFR traffic, that is, those who come to visit friends and relatives.

Derren Joseph logoMy uncle Steve is one of these overseas-based Trinis who visits for Carnival when he can. Last week, Uncle Steve was sharing with me his memories of Carnival growing up. His mother discouraged him from participating in Carnival, because of its association with violence and negativity. In secondary school, Short Pants helped me understand just how important history is. So now, I enjoy talking to the elders about Trinidad in times gone by. We could never know where we are going until we appreciate where we came from. This Carnival I enjoyed my calypso. Despite rumours to the contrary, calypso is alive and well. Kudos to Pink Panther, Brother Resistance, Karega Mandela and the rest of the TUCO executive.
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Klassic Ruso opens

Klassic Ruso Calypso Tent organized by TUCO North Zone opened in fine style on Friday 23rd January, 2009 at the City Hall in Port of Spain. Host Rudolph Ottley welcomed guests and reminded them that this was the tent of recently departed Calypso icon the Mighty Duke as he hailed the contributions of Duke to the Calypso arena. The cast of Klassic Ruso then streamed on stage and proceeded to sing Duke’s classic song “Black is Beautiful” to the delight of the audience. This year’s cast includes Allrounder, Versatile, Contender, Almanac, Dr. Will B, Hamidullah, Typher, Dr. Rhythm, Wizard of Id, Revealer, Kaiso Mac, Hercules, KC Charles, Stanley Adams, Brother Ebony, Manchild, Robbie G, Shirlane Hendrickson, Black Prince, Mighty Diamond, Marva Mc Kenzie, Spicey, Brother Akil, Lylo, Intruder, QP and King Soul.
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