Machel Montano Wins Soca Monarch 2 Million

Machel Montano receives Soca Monarch $2 Million Cheque
from PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar at Girl Power Fete

Machel takes Soca Monarch crown

After delivering what many fans consider to be his best performance of the season Machel Montano claimed the two million dollar grand prize in the Power Soca category at the 2011 International Soca Monarch Competition at the Hasley Crawford Stadium last night.

A capacity crowd turned out to see the crème de la crème of soca artistes perform but in the end, Montano’s popular song “Advantage”, was chosen by the judges and the crowd for the Power Soca title.

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Machel, Kes triumph in Soca Monarch

Machel Montano Celebrates Victory with Kernel Roberts

Kes Performs at Girl Power Fete

Machel Montano was crowned 2011 Power Soca Monarch champion at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, in Port of Spain, this morning. Montano topped the field with his Road March contender “Advantage”, the Soca star winning two million dollars. Iwer George, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez were second, third and fourth, respectively. The Groovy Soca Monarch title and $500,000 first prize went to Kes Dieffenthaller, who sang “Wotless”. Benjai was second, Destra third and Blaxx fourth.

Busy Carnival for PM

By Sean Douglas
Saturday, March 5 2011

After attending last night’s International Soca Monarch finals, Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar will join spectators for the Junior Parade of the Bands on the streets of Port-of-Spain and at the Queen’s Park Savannah today.

She will also return to the savannah later tonight for the Panorama finals, of which she is a patron.

She was also the patron of the Soca Monarch competition which took place at Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain. Ahead of the announcement of the winner, Persad-Bissessar told reporters yesterday she had a favourite artiste but would not say who…

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March 06, 2011

Soca superstar Machel Montano made a triumphant return to the Soca Monarch arena on Fantastic Friday, advantaging his other competitors on his way to his first bmobile Power Soca Monarch title and the $2 million first prize at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Machel Is Monarch
Kees takes Groovy title
Hundreds of patrons booed upon the announcement that Machel Montano had won the 2011 International Power Soca Monarch competition, making off with the $2 million first prize.

Machel, Kees take the big prize

‘Wotless’ Kees takes $500,000 Groovy Soca crown

Sizzling Soca competition

‘The show was successful’
There were several calls for people to go to the stands since people were being pickpocketed and trampled upon. The house announcer said the show would not go on unless they moved to safer points…

24 Responses to “Machel Montano Wins Soca Monarch 2 Million”

  • i am a trini living in the netherlands amsterdam i am happy that you win… is time for you 2 come to Amsterdam and give a show

  • robbery..puer robbery iwer should have gotten it

  • Way to go baby…………..ever since i heard he was back i knew he would have take it …….. who can stop Machel?’s yours baby make use of it. Here’s wat your biggest fan is a Grenadian……..make sure that you’re down for our carnival..CONGRATS!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!

  • People say he is all about him, he is controlling etc..I have defended MM always, he has to be himself, with his kind of enforcement to reach his goal. People have to watch their personality especially as a public figure, if it needs some tightening they must work on that but for me Machel works from his heart, he is my local MJ, whom I want to see get bigger than Mr Jackson, just not with the controversy…keep working Machel, congrats to you and the whole HD family, fulfill your dreams, help the ones coming up, I loved all your adds, performances, especially the one with King Sparrow and Queen Rose. They too had controversy in their rise to stardom but they proved they still have the gifts no one but God can take away.Forget your detractors, congrats. I’m saving these two pictures of the two million dollar man receiving his cheque.This one is well deserved.Now take to the Road and ‘Trample’ T&T by winning the Road March. Love always.

  • I am so happy he win i love u machel he’s my favorite singer in soca music.

  • Machel is a true artist i’m proud of him

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it! The king

  • De Boss(Iwer) won all de way….

  • congra machel enjoy every moment.

  • Danny Williams DAGAZA VIDEOAUDIO

    Macheal is simply the best congrats from the DAGAZA CREW Toronto Canada

  • Machel! congratulations! you were the one that took Trinidad&tobago soca music to the world and I’m glad that you won,I hope all the other artist take pattern and encourage the youths to rise to the expectations and keep us on the map.Great job for a Great soca artist. luv ya my brother.

  • Mr. Machel congrats! You are the real boss, love the haters more they motivate always and now in “2 million ways” !!!!!! lol We love you here in St. Lucia. More licks in 2012!


  • Great job Macheal you are the boss.

  • Congrats machel,you are doing such a great job promoting soca music to the next level and encouraging the youths to stay positive and i must say that you truly deserved to win and put your money to good use and you make your mama very proud for having such a wonderful son,way to go machel and again ty for your hardwork and god blessed,nuff respect.

  • With all the talk, if Machel Montano does not give his life to Christ, he will lift up his eyes in hell 2 million times.
    This world is passing and all its lusts. These young people need to be encouraged to serve God.
    What about your sould Machel? Are you thinking at all about life on the other side? Start some where. Read your Bible and pray, God will honour this start.

  • congratulation machel,see you de 25th

  • An outstanding job Machel. You have that spicy power. Congratulations for a job well done…..

  • you r the man!!! keep it going.

  • yr the best,congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love u

  • Come to meh MUCH MUCH better song than Advantage…it really is corrupt, Iwer should have had it, when we were there the year before last Tursty was kicking butt…I love Faye ann but Tursty was THE song…it’s all corrupt.


  • I really sometimes wonder what is going on in Trinidad. Machel was barely singing the song and he CD he had playing as backup should have won. And when we did sing he was screaming more than anything else. The bottom line is that IWER won the competition hands down. I am no supporter of any but of good music and fairness. Even Bunji Garlin (whom i dont really like) had a better performance.

    It just goes to show that political alignment is the key……any other day he would have not have won.

    1. Iwer
    2. Bunji Garlin
    3 Machel Montano HD
    4 Fayann Lyons-Alvarez.

    Thats the real results paper….the one that was read out was sent to the foreign judges (who knows nothing about Trinidad Carnival and therefore arent qualified to judge such a competition) before they even came to Trinidad

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