Traditional mas competition for St James

A release from the St James Social & Cultural Committee yesterday stated that the Committee is “committed to Keeping our Heritage alive.”

In keeping its promise, the St James based group will once again stage its Traditional Mas Individuals Competition.

This year, the competition is being presented as a Mini Street Parade from Bournes Road and Western Main to the judging point at the St James Amphitheatre, on February 7, beginning at 6 pm.

Categories being judged include black Indians, gorillas, bears, authentic Indians, jab jab, baby dolls, fancy Indian, midnight robbers, bears, bats, burrokeets, midnight robbers, beasts, bookman, imps, devils, dame lorraine, fancy king sailors, moko jumbies, demons, imps, dragons and more.
Traditional mas competition for St James

This is the seventh year that the Committee is hosting this all important component of T&T Carnival and registration for masqueraders take place at the Amphitheatre from Monday to Wednesday, between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm.

For further information call Grace Fernandez at 628-3834, or Tony Alleng at 784-0220.

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