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Trinidad Carnival: Afri-Caribbean Resistance
by Corey Gilkes

Canboulay Riots
By Michael Anthony

Ancient Influences
in T & T Carnival

By Deborah John

The Carnival Story
162 Years Of Mas

By Terry Joseph

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National Parang Finals 2008

The National Parang Finals held by National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT) came to a thrilling finale on Saturday 13th December, 2008, at the Priority Mall Arima before a large crowd of Parang enthusiasts. In the night's competition the seven bands...
National Parang Finals 2008 in pictures

National Tassa Competition 2007

The Tassa Association of Trinidad and Tobago held their 7th annual National Tassa Competition on the 25th August, 2007, at the Aranguez Savannah. The event started just after 7 p.m. as twenty-one Tassa bands from all over the country competed for the attractive range of prizes at stake.
National Tassa Competition 2007 in pictures

Tassabration: Tassa Shoot-out 2007

The Dinsley Community Residents Association (DCRA) in collaboration with the Tassa Association of Trinidad and Tobago held its 2nd Annual Tassa competition titled Tassabration 2007 at the Dinsley Community Park in Tacarigua. Billed as the "ultimate in Tassa Competition"...
Tassabration: Tassa Shoot-out 2007 in pictures

Maureen Warner-Lewis Speaks

Professor Warner-Lewis began the lecture by explaining that our African heritage are the things that we inherited from Africa in the Diaspora that have remained a legacy in these parts. She stated that the purpose of Africans being brought to the Caribbean by the Europeans was to ...
Lecture by Maureen Warner-Lewis in pictures

Queen and Kings Prize-Giving Ceremony

NACC and NWAC presented their 22nd Annual Calypso Queen and Young Kings Calypso Monarch Competition Prize-Giving Ceremony 2006 at the SWWTU on Thursday 21st December, 2006. The event was long in coming and the gathering consisted of Calypsonians and their supporters
NACC and NWAC's Prize-Giving Ceremony in pictures

NYAC's Top 20 Stars of Tomorrow Awards

The National Youth Action Committee presented its 12th annual Top Twenty Stars of Tomorrow Award Ceremony on Sunday 3rd December 2006, at The Strand, Corner Tragarete Road and Dundonald Street, Port of Spain. The programme featured twenty of Trinidad and Tobago's brightest...
NYAC's Top 20 Stars of Tomorrow Awards in pictures

TUCO Sports and Family Day

The TUCO (Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organization) Sports and Family Day took place on the cool evening of Sunday 5th November, 2006 on the open fields of the Queen's Park Savannah. Although many top celebrities in the Calypso fraternity were present, they were there among families and friends to enjoy an evening of fun ...
TUCO Sports and Family Day in pictures

Shurwayne Wins Big at COTT Awards

The COTT (Copyright Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago) Awards which paid tribute to the songwriters, music composers and publishers for their creative works for a one-year period was held on Thursday 02nd November, 2006 at Queens Hall, Port of Spain.
COTT Music Awards 2006 in pictures

Pathways: A musical Journey

It is indeed a rare thing to come to one place and witness so much talent. On Saturday, 22nd July, 2006, at the Little Carib Theatre, this was the place to be if one wanted to witness such a talent explosion. The theatre, which was as black as the cool night, was filled with people who came for the dual purpose of attending a good show ...
Pathways: A musical Journey in Pictures

Brother Resistance Speaks

The most important element of the 2006 Rapso Festival was the Training Workshops. The workshops were held at the Amphitheatre in the National Library on Hart and Abercromby Streets in Port of Spain. We interviewed Brother Resistance who shared a brief history of the Rapso art form and the objectives of the workshops.
Rapso Explosion 2006 in Pictures

Wayne 'Rafiki' Morris Speaks

Wayne Morris is an accomplished muralist, painter, writer and poet. He was born in October 1956, and at the age of four years he was already revealing his artistic and literary potentials. In 1968, at the age of twelve, Rafiki was taking art classes at Morgan State University in Maryland, U.S.A. and covering the family home with his first murals.
Wayne 'Rafiki' Morris and Crosstown Carnival Launch 2006 in Pictures

NACC Stars of Gold for 2005

The 18th annual Top 20 Stars of Gold Calypso Award Ceremony was held on Saturday 7th January, 2006, at the Ballroom of the Cascadia Hotel honouring the top 20 calypsos for the year 2005. This effort was co-produced by the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) and the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) ...
Calypso Stars of Gold 2005

Origins and Nature of Parang Music

The word parang originally came from the word 'paranda' meaning merry making. Traditional parang bands made up of parenderos consist of singers and musicians who play the guitar, the mandolin, the cuatro, the violin, the maracs, the clapper, the box bass, the tambourine, the scratcher (g黫ro) and the toc-toc (claves).

The Story of Hosay: Dancing the Moon

Mr. Michael Goring is considered one of the most informed Elders on the St. James Hosay. Our recorded interview with him allows us to share his story of the local Hosay. At around the age of seven Mr. Goring started helping in the preparations and the making of the things for the Hosay. He also shares other views.
Michael Goring and Hosay

Glendon Morris' passion for Carnival

Glendon Morris, the son of legendary Ken Morris has created a history of his own. Following the footsteps of his late father, Mr. Morris continues traditional mas' making, including the use of cooper work in mas'. Morris is fundamental to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago keeping alive older Carnival traditions.
Glendon Morris' passion for Carnival

Muhammad Abu Bakr Speaks on Mas'

Muhammad Abu Bakr said: "The love in it is not the money, although we need the finance to do it, but the love that exists in it is important. There is nothing like that love you experience. If paradise is like that I want to go, where else would you get that. You should really get into a Mas' camp and see how it functions."
Muhammad Abu Bakr Speaks on Mas'

Jason Griffith: King Sailor Speaks

Jason Griffith, one of Trinidad and Tobago's renowned mas' men was born on the 20th June 1927 at Pelham St. Belmont. He attended the Miss Lewis Private School and Belmont Boys' Intermediate School. As a youth growing up, he was influenced by Jim Harding's Mischievous Sailor Band, a very popular band in the thirties.
Jason Griffith Album

Bertie Marshall Speaks

Bertie Marshall (1936- ) is one of Trinidad and Tobago's living icons who has made an invaluable contribution to the evolution of the steelpan instrument. Marshall, an adept pan-tunist, introduced several fixtures and accompaniments to the instrument that are evident today such as the canopy, and the popular double tenor pans.
Bertie Marshall Album

Norman Darway Speaks

Norman Darway is one of the most informed elders on the origin and history of the Steelband/Pan. Apart from his own personal experiences during the embryonic stages of its development, Norman Darway still continues to spend much of his time researching and contributing copious amounts of information ...
Norman Darway Album

The Talented Codrington Pan Family

When Cary Codrington's childhood neighbours, Joseph and Alison Cummings taught him to play the pan under the downs tree in their back yard, they laid the foundation for a future initiator of an influential and phenomenal musical legacy. Today the family of Cary Codrington, affectionately known as 'The Codrington Pan Family' ...
Meet the talented Codrington Pan Family

Canboulay Riots

The famous and often-cited Canboulay riots which took place in Port of Spain at Carnival 1881 were in fact quite minor to the serious and widespread clashes which marred the carnival in San Fernando and Princes Town 100 years ago. Canboulay, or properly written "Cannes Brulees", means "burning cane" ...
Re-enactment of Port of Spain Canboulay Riots 1881

Trinidad Carnival:
Afri-Caribbean Resistance

What is not so well known is that this colourful festival also served as a medium for resistance to white domination, particularly when one considers that the ways in which the British imposed their authority and "superiority"
Trinidad Carnival

The Origin of the Steelpan

Repressive acts by the colonial authorities such as the banning of the African drum and the attempts to stifle non-European cultural expressions, not only steeled the will of the practitioners of street culture, but also sent a message to the colonials that they would meet stiff resistance...

'Senor' Gomez: Wire Bending Artist

Señor Gomez, how you do that?
Narcenio Gomez better known as 'Senor' Gomez, is one of the leading wire benders (sculptors) in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been designing, bending wire and making costumes for over 50 years.
'Senor' Gomez Master Wire Bending Artist