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Trinidad Carnival: Afri-Caribbean Resistance
by Corey Gilkes

Canboulay Riots
By Michael Anthony

Ancient Influences
in T & T Carnival

By Deborah John

The Carnival Story
162 Years Of Mas

By Terry Joseph

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The Mighty Duke Speaks

Kelvin Pope, known in the Calypso world as 'The Mighty Duke', is a legendary Calypsonian whose work spans a period of over fifty years. Born in 1930 in Point Fortin, south Trinidad, 'Duke' grew up in a period that was marked by striking workers who challenged the colonial authorities by protesting against working conditions...
The Mighty Duke Speaks

Winsford 'Joker' Devine Speaks

Creator of such Calypso gems as "Progress", "In Time to Come", "Somebody", "Steelband Woman", "Saltfish", "This World Don't Like Nothing Black", "Phillip My Dear", "Take Me Back Africa", "Too Young to Soca" "In Time to Come", "Save our Domestics", Winsford 'Joker' Devine is undoubtedly one of the greatest songwriters of our time.
Winsford 'Joker' Devine Speaks

Samuel 'Brigo' Abraham Speaks

Samuel Abraham is a Trinidadian by birth and is popularly known in the Calypso World as 'Brigo'. He began singing Calypso in the 1960s and continued for almost five decades after. 'Brigo' is famous for performing a number of ingenious compositions and for his ability to contort his face to emphasize the story in his songs.
Vintage Calypso Brigade

Brother Valentino: Life is a stage

The Grenadian born, Anthony Emrold Phillip, better known in the Calypso arena as 'Brother Valentino', has proven his worth as a riveting performer, expressing his political and social awareness through songs such as 'Life is a stage', 'Stay up Zimbabwe' and 'Dis Place Nice'. Brother Valentino has expressed his love for the Calypso artform...
Anthony Emrold Phillip 'Brother Valentino'

Life as a calypsonian not easy

Calypsonian Black Prince exemplifies persistence and determination in the calypso arena. This experienced calypsonian has been singing since the 1950's and has graced the stages of a number of early calypso tents. Black Prince also appears on the Raw Kaiso CD: a recording of live performances, with other kaiso powerhouses ...
Kenroy Smith 'Black Prince'

Still Going Strong:
The Legacy of the Mighty Bomber

Clifton Ryan known in the calypso world as the Mighty Bomber was born in St Georges, Grenada on 30th January 1928. His mother was a Grenadian and his father was a Trinidadian from Serraneau Road, Belmont.
The Mighty Bomber

Tribute to Mighty Terror

The funeral of the late Fitzgerald 'Mighty Terror' Henry took place on Monday 19th March, 2007, at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral. The funeral celebrated the contribution of this notable Calypsonian who succumbed to his long battle with cancer on March 14, 2007
Tribute to Mighty Terror in pictures