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Remembering Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' Pope

Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' Pope Passes Away - January 14, 2009
Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' PopeOne of Calypso's greatest icons Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' Pope passed away earlier today. Mighty Duke, who was diagnosed with myelofibrosis � a serious bone marrow disorder that disrupts the body's normal production of blood cells � has succumbed to this illness ending a battle of over four years. His wife, one of his sons and Hollis 'Chalkdust' Liverpool were at his side...

The Mighty Duke's Send-Off

Chalkdust's Eulogy for the Mighty Duke

The Mighty Duke

The Mighty Duke Speaks October 03, 2007
Kelvin Pope, known in the Calypso world as 'The Mighty Duke', is a legendary Calypsonian whose work spans a period of over fifty years. Born in 1930 in Point Fortin, south Trinidad, 'Duke' grew up in a period that was marked by striking workers who challenged the colonial authorities by protesting against working conditions, wages, racism and exploitation in the oilfields. Growing up in this turbulent period would have a lasting impact on Kelvin Pope and the music that he would create in years to come.

Born a Pope, Crowned a King, Named a Duke... November 05, 2007
...sings Duane O'Connor; what greater tribute can one pay to a composer/performer par excellence in the calibre of His Excellency Kelvin Pope? The fact that he was born a Pope and got the name Duke before his advent into Calypsodom is largely significant and invokes the phrase 'Divine Destiny'.

Harps of Gold: A tribute to the Mighty Duke October 26, 2007
"Duke has sung and mastered every genre of the Calypso art: smut, commentary, humour, Road March, Pan songs and philosophy. His measured lines, beautiful melodies and well-chosen lyrics have served to establish him as one of the all time greats in Calypso." These sentiments, printed on the programme, captured the outpouring of accolades expressed to Duke as the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), in conjunction with the Network Community Organization, cialis sans ordonnance, hosted a tribute to the Mighty Duke titled "Harps of Gold" at the Central Bank Auditorium on Wednesday 24th October, 2007.

Black is Beautiful: Honouring The Mighty Duke July 31, 2007
The Emancipation Support Committee presented a tribute concert in honour of the Calypsonian 'Duke' at the Lidj Yasu Omawale Emancipation Village at Jean Pierre Complex on Saturday 28th July, 2007. The concert titled "Black is Beautiful" took its name from the classic song by the 'Mighty Duke'. Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' Pope is the only Calypsonian in the history of Trinidad and Tobago Calypso to ever win the National Calypso Monarch title four consecutive times, doing so from 1968 to 1971.

1987 - Thunder

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