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Glendon Morris Speaks

"I love Carnival; it is my passion"

Glendon Morris
Glendon Morris

Staff Article
Interview Recorded: April 25, 2005
Posted: May 15, 2005

Glendon Morris, the son of legendary Ken Morris has created a history of his own. Following the footsteps of his late father, Mr. Morris continues traditional mas' making, including the use of copper work in mas'. Morris is fundamental to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, keeping alive the traditional Fancy Sailor Mas'. He has also displayed his skills as a talented costume designer, with consideration for past traditions. Not limiting himself, he is multi-talented as he has done work as a dye-sinker, plumber, electrician, carpenter, and welder.

Morris does not hold back his appreciation for fellow mas' bandleaders such as Jason Griffith and Peter Minshall praising their efforts to maintain quality in their mas' presentations. He shares his views on the poor quality of music in operation during the Carnival festivities and has shed light on what motivates the judges in competition.

Mr. Morris has not only worked in Trinidad and Tobago. He has delivered mas' in different parts of the world including St. Vincent, Canada and the United States of America.

In this interview, Glendon Morris will walk us through some of the inside details of a mas' shop, his experiences inside the mas' camp as well as various Carnival events and life experiences that remain etched in his memory.

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