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Tassa Shoot-out

Country Boys Top National Tassa Competition

Tropical Power Country Boys Tassa Group
Tropical Power Country Boys Tassa Group Reporters
Event Date: August 24, 2007
Posted: September 06, 2007

The Tassa Association of Trinidad and Tobago held their 7th annual National Tassa Competition on the 25th August, 2007, at the Aranguez Savannah. The event started just after 7 p.m. as twenty-one Tassa bands from all over the country competed for the attractive range of prizes at stake.

Before the actual Tassa competition there were several brief introductory addresses. Agnes Ragoobarsingh, Secretary of the National Tassa Association, welcomed the spectators gathered and thanked the sponsors for their support. Ms. Margaret White, representing the premium sponsors Unit Trust Corporation, addressed the crowd and emphasized her organisation's continuing support of the National Tassa Association. Junior Minister Eddie Hart noted to the audience that the National Tassa Competition has been going from strength to strength with the standard of competition being very high. He remarked that it was a pleasure to see so many young people being involved in Tassa and congratulated the organizers and the bands for their efforts.

Caribbean Vibes Rhythm Section
Caribbean Vibes Rhythm Section

The Caribbean Vibes Rhythm Section kicked off the evening with an explosive rhythmic display that warmed up the swelling crowd for the coming Tassa action.

After their performance, Master of Ceremonies, Ramchand Rajbal, introduced the first band on stage as Diamond Stars Tassa Group, who hail from San Juan. They came on stage in resplendent gold outfits and got things started with several hands (beats) of scintillating Tassa music, accompanied on stage by their smooth lone Tassa dancer Ria Alexander.

'D' Untouchables Tassa Group
'D' Untouchables Tassa Group

'D' Untouchables won the heart of the crowd with their confidence as well as their Tassa rhythms. These young lads, no older than ten year old, demonstrated much to the crowd's appreciation that the art of Tassa is in good hands.

All the Tassa Bands were splendidly dressed and some even employed elaborate stage setups and Chutney-style dancers to bolster their performance as fans danced to the sweet rhythms of the Tassa drums. Several bands even re-enacted scenes reminiscent of a Hindu wedding, including the famed Matikoor night. One such group was the Matilda Dynamics Tassa Group who thrilled the crowd with their scintillating Tassa rhythms and the energetic dancing of their seductive Matikoor dancers.

Malick All Stars Tassa Group
Malick All Stars Tassa Group

The loudest response from the crowd was for the defending champions, Malick All Stars Tassa Group, and this was no surprise given the scores of Malick supporters, many dressed in red Malick jerseys, who gathered at the front of the stage to dance and cheer their band. Malick All Stars did not disappoint as they gave a dynamic performance that fired up the crowd.

This performance was not enough to earn them the title as when the results were announced, Malick All Stars were edged into second place by Tropical Power Country Boys Tassa Group who gave a tremendous performance to capture the 2007 National Tassa Title. A mere five points separated the first two bands. Groans of disappointment and shouts of disapproval were heard from the large contingent of Malick supporters, but Malick All Stars did not walk away empty handed. They won the Best Dressed Tassa Group Award and the People's Choice Award, while their dancers won the Best Dancers title. Most Promising Tassa Group went to the impressive young group 'D' Untouchables.

Malick All Stars supporters in red enjoy the Malick All Stars Tassa Group
Malick All Stars supporters in red enjoy the Malick All Stars Tassa Group

In addition, comedian Sammy Toorcana provided entertainment for the crowd with his jokes. Also performing was Chutney singer Nishan 'Hitman' Prabhoo and popular Chutney band Millenium Starz as patrons at the Savannah danced to the Chutney styles booming from the speakers.

Special Prizes

Best Dancers

1) Malick Dancers
2) Surya Stars Dancers
3) Durga Shakti Dancers
Best Dressed Tassa Group / Malick All Stars Tassa Group

Most Promising Tassa Group / 'D' Untouchables Tassa Group

People's Choice / Malick All Stars Tassa Group

Overall Results

1) Tropical Power Country Boys Tassa Group
2) Malick All Stars Tassa Group
3) RBTT Dragon Boys Tassa Group
4) Caribel Fun Lovers Tassa Group
5) Diamond Stars Tassa Group
6) Tacarigua Tassa Drummers
7) Latchman Boys Young Stars Tassa Group
8 ) Rising Tide Tassa Group
9) Higher Level Tassa Drummers
10) Young Strikers Tassa Group
11) D Fantastic 4 Tassa Group
12) Matilda Dynamics Tassa Group
13) Toolsie Mungal Tassa Group
14) 'D' Untouchables Tassa Group
15) The Extreme Players Tassa Group
16) Surya Stars Tassa Group
17) Prem Singh Tassa Group
18) Fire Rhythm Boys Tassa Group
19) E&I Fire Boys Tassa Group
20) Ole School Tassa Group
21) Rising Stars Tassa Group

National Tassa Competition 2007 in pictures: