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NACC and NWAC's Top Stars

Queen and Kings Prize-Giving Ceremony

Calypsonians and members of NJAC, NACC and NWAC sing along to Sean Dainel's, 'True Government'
Calypsonians and members of NJAC, NACC and NWAC
sing along to Sean Dainel's, "True Government" Reporters
Event Date: December 21, 2006
Posted: December 23, 2006

NACC and NWAC presented their 22nd Annual Calypso Queen and Young Kings Calypso Monarch Competition Prize-Giving Ceremony 2006 at the SWWTU on Thursday 21st December, 2006. The event was long in coming and the gathering consisted of Calypsonians and their supporters who had anxiously awaited their prizes.
The MC for the night was Sister Dela Obika, Servant President of the NWAC (National Women's Action Committee) and Calypsonians were backed by the powerful sounds of the Earl Knight and the Services Brass Band.
The proceedings began with an invocation by Brother Obika, who in his welcoming address that followed, thanked all for their presence.
Following Brother Obika's speech, the programme moved right along with Calypso performances followed by the awards for each category.
There were many grand performances that night by artistes such as Karene Asche, Jarvae Caesar, Ras Kommanda and Duane O'Conner. Llewellyn 'Short Pants' Mac Intosh, father of Heather Mac Intosh, also entertained the audience by singing a verse and a chorus on his daughter's behalf. Another highlight of the evening was the performance by Leydon 'Organiser' Charles who received a standing ovation as well as requests for an encore from his peers in the audience. He was one of the few artistes that night who received such lavish praise. 
Below is a list of the Calypsonians, their songs and their prizes in the two competitions:
Annual Calypso Queen Competition
Placement / Prizes  / Song
12th place / $5,500 / Wendy Thomas / Blood and Beers
11th place / $6,000 / Monique Hector / Mother Fighting back
10th place / $6,500 / Joanne Foster / Bring Back T&T
9th place / $7,000 / Tammico Moore / The Tackle
8th place / $7,500 / Lima Calbio / Party in Peace
7th place / $8,000 / Lesley Ann Ellis / Dear Diary
6th place / $8,500 / Abbi Blackman / Reparation Indeed
5th place / 9,000 / Lyn Steel / Come Back 
4th place / $10,000 / Singing Sonia / Masters of Disguise
3rd place / $12, 500 / Marva Mc Kenzie / Revelation Time
2nd place / $25,000 / Heather Mac Intosh / Ma Therese Deposit
1st place / $50,000 / Karene Asche / Spirit of Fear
Young Kings Calypso Monarch Competition
Placement / Prizes  / Song
15th place / $ 5, 250 / Lesley Ann Ellis / Dear Diary
14th place / $5,500 / Michael John / Divide and Rule
13th place / $5,700 / Lima Calbio / Party in Peace
12th place / $6,000 / Abbi Blackman / Reparation Time
11th place / $6,250 / Walter Taylor / Warrior Song
10th place / $6,500 / Sheldon Nugget / A Woman's Worth
9th place / $7,000 / Singing Sonia / Masters of Disguise
8th place / $7,500 / Marva Mc Kenkie / Revelation Time
7th place / 8,000 / Ras Kommanda / Ree Ann 
6th place / $8,500 / Roderick Gordon / Not in Trinbago
5th place / $10, 000 / Duane O'Connor / Stand T&T
4th place / $12,500 / Jervae Caesar / Caribbean Woman
3rd place / $15,000 / Karene Asche / Spirit of Fear
2nd place / $30,000 / Organiser / Trinbago Yankee
1st place / $ 60,000 / Sean Daniel / True Government
Special prizes were also given out to encourage artistes to expand their talents:
Most Creative  / Simiji Marrah   
Most Improved / Walter Taylor and Lioness   
Most Consistent / Heather Mac Intosh and Ras Kommanda 
Most Promising / Shanaqua 
Most Original /  Heather Mac Intosh, Marva Mc Kenzie and Duane O'Conner 
Most Humorous /  Tammico Moore and Organiser 
Most Spiritually Uplifting / Karene Asche and Jervae Caesar 
Most Musical Calypso / Lima Calbio and Dee Diamond 
Most Instructive Calypso / Singing Sonia and Sean Daniel
Also included were brief addresses by some of those instrumental in the event. The first was by Mr. Eric Butler, Director of Culture, on behalf of the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Mrs. Joan Yuille-Williams, who began by apologizing for her unavoidable absence. He confessed that he was not in attendance in the competitions so many of the Calypsos sounded new to him. However, he hastened to congratulate them for their courage and talents and congratulated NACC and NWAC for their hard work. He also intimated that Calypso music is part of the diverse culture of Trinidad and Tobago and congratulated them for their commitment to the art form and their input in the development of the culture.
Servant Director of the NACC, Brother Kwasi Mutema, who spoke after Mr. Butler, apologized for the late invitations and the late delivery of cash prizes this year. According to him, they received funds from sponsors late but they did their best to distribute them before Christmas Day. Mr. Mutema also recognized the need for increased cash prizes and recommend a first prize of $100,000 for the Young Kings competition and $75,000 for the first prize in the Calypso Queen's competition.
Mr. Mutema further mentioned that women have come a long way in the Calypso in these times, rivaling the men and setting high standards. However, because many females have taken the place of males in the Young Kings competition, NACC has decided to keep them out of the Young Kings competition despite the controversy that may follow.
Despite some of the setbacks and controversy that occurred this year, Mr. Mutema assured the audience that plans are already in place for a grand affair in 2007. He ended by thanking the artistes for their patience for the length of time it took to receive their prizes, the sponsors for their continued support, and the Earl Knight and the Services Brass Band for their wonderful performances throughout the years. 
Carnival is only two months away and already Calypsonians have prepared their selections for the upcoming season. Who would take home the coveted titles of the Annual Calypso Queen and the Young Kings Calypso Monarch? Only time would tell.

NACC and NWAC's Prize-Giving Ceremony in pictures: