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The Singing Of The Road March
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Melodic Voice of Donna Silpa Reporters
January 30, 2006

Donna Silpa
Donna Silpa

The gifted Donna Silpa has a lot to offer the people of Trinidad and Tobago and the people the world over. Her melodic voice exudes a power that can make feet tap and hips sway. However, the mafias in the media have made it difficult for the world to discover her talent. Silpa insists that the world needs only to witness her ability and the ability of the mafia-made underdogs in the business. Only a small faction of artistes get radio exposure, and even fewer of them are able to squeeze their way into this group.

Silpa indicated that she has been performing for over twenty years but does not intend to stop until she succeeds. She did her first recording in 1998 and despite the fact that her songs did not receive much radio airplay, all 150 copies were sold, which she deems a great accomplishment. Last year Silpa experimented with a Soca-Parang tune which she said was well-received. This year she has three tunes, which she sang at her concert in the East Zone Restaurant and Bar in Maraval. They are: "Pooran", a Chutney-Soca melody written by the Calypsonian called 'D Sideways', "Before You Come" a saucy Soca tune written by Elton Scantlebury, the manager of the "Unique" Calypso Tent and a Social Commentary called "T.V. Influence" written by 'Brother Mack'.

Silpa said that she has a lot of people to thank for her entry and stay in the music industry including 'Crazy', 'Versatile' and 'D Sideways' who have contributed to her style and increasing popularity. Silpa also pointed out that she loves Calypso and more specifically Social Commentary because she can use it as a tool to educate people about the goings-on in the country. However, the all-round entertainer loves the adventure of exploring with different sounds and styles to make her audience happy and her own self creative.

Donna Silpa also works as a successful hairdresser and an environmentalist with the Forestry Division. In fact, during her absence from the calypso scene, her work at the beauty salon and at the Forestry Division kept her going. Although she has returned to calypso, she does not intend to give up these professions because she has great love for them.

Silpa also boasted of five beautiful children, three boys and two girls who live with her in her Morvant home. She says that they remain her driving force and promises to never give up her dream so that they can follow suit in the future. She also intimated that she wants to be an extraordinary person and an exemplar to the youths all over the country and especially in her hometown, Morvant.

Silpa is also grateful for all her supporters who have encouraged her to continue with the struggle. In fact, to show her appreciation for her fans, she returned to the East Zone Club in Maraval for her concert. She would also perform for her fans in the 'Unique' Calypso Tent in Belmont later on in the Carnival Season.

Although Silpa admits that it has never been easy, she would never give up on the calypso artform. She loves the music and she loves her supporters and that is enough to carry her through. With more exposure, she guarantees that she would reach the top of the industry. With the support of her friends and family, she would remain there for a long time to come.

Donna Silpa in Concert in pictures: