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Young Kings Calypso Monarch 2006
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Sean Daniel wins Young Kings Reporters
February 15, 2006

Sean Daniel
Sean Daniel
If you were present at the St. James Amphitheatre on Monday, 13th February 2006, then you would have witnessed some of the most spectacular performances of the season. So far, the NACC Producers have been successful in organizing events and maintaining the tight flow in their cultural programmes. The amphitheatre, although a small venue, can boast of being packed to its capacity with supporters of Calypso music from all over the country. In all, there were twenty-seven fantastic performers who made it difficult for the judges to determine the ultimate winner.

The formal part of the event began with the playing of The National Anthem by The Earl Knight and Services Brass Band, followed by the opening prayer by Dr. Phaedra Pierre, welcoming remarks by Kwasi Mutema, the Servant President of the NACC and the feature address by Anna Maria Garcia-Brooks. Also included in this part of the programme were presentations of Young Kings trophies to Machel Montano and Kurt Allen, both of whom were not in attendance, and the presentation of awards to Noel Paul and Clifton Lewis, the dynamic duo commonly called 'Regeneration Now'. According to the schedule of events, there was supposed to be a guest performance by Impulse but that proved to be a no-show.

Immediately after the formal side of the event was the actual competition. Although all the performances were good, some stood out such as the performances by the 'Organiser', Karene Asche, Jervae Caesar and Abbi Blackman. For some performances such as those of Duane O'Connor, Roger Johnson, Marva Mc Kenzie and Michael John there was full usage of props which enhanced the visual splendor of their presentations.

A recurring theme in many of the Calypsos such as "Stand Trinidad and Tobago" by Duane O'Conner, "T & T Forever" by Dr. Will B and "Not in Trinbago" by Roderick Gordon, was a call for nationalism despite the horrendous crime situation in the country. In fact, even a non-native of Trinidad and Tobago, Simiji Marah expressed his adoration for the country in his song entitled, "Trinidad".

Powerful and thought-provoking Calypsos were also common features in the Young Kings Competition. Calypsos such as "A Quiet Evening" sung by Rem Bunction, "A Woman's Worth" by Sheldon Nugget, "Single Father" by Mukesh Babooram and "Morality Gone" by 'Revealer' forced the audience to think about many happenings in the world and the dire need to address poor conduct and attitudes.

The winner of the Young King Calypso Monarch Competition was the gifted Sean Daniel with his song entitled, "True Government", followed by 'Organiser' with "Trinbago Yankee" in second place and Karene Asche "Spirit of Fear" in third place.

The Young King Calypso Competition is evidently a male-dominated affair despite the few females who have dared to challenge this tradition. A renaming of the event may promote more balance in the competition. More debate on this should be encouraged by the public...if they think that it is worth discussing.

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