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Kaiso! Kaiso!
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Kaiso! Kaiso! The Last Hurrah Reporters
Posted: April 02, 2006

Alvin 'The Lord Superior' Marcano
'The Lord Superior'

'Regeneration Now'
'Regeneration Now'

Denyse Plummer
Denyse Plummer

Austin 'King Austin' Lewis
'King Austin'

Alphonso 'Striker' Melville

Drupatee Ramgoonai
Drupatee Ramgoonai

Clifton 'Mighty Bomber' Ryan
'Mighty Bomber'

It was an emotional experience at the Kaiso Kaiso Concert held at the Grand Stand, Queen's Park Savannah on Wednesday 29th, March, 2006. This concert, celebrating 50 years of Calypso, was the last event to take place at this venue, making it an historical occasion which many were proud to be part of. Many of the performances were reminiscent of times gone by and were very telling of things to come in the future.

There were mixed feelings about the demolition of the Grand Stand which was a cultural hub for many years in Trinidad and Tobago's history. Some were totally against the destruction of the symbolic fixture, while others agreed with the move for progress. However, the audience which ranged within the thousands seemed generally pleased with the performances of the Calypsonians that graced the Grand Stand for the last time.

Some of these prodigies that bid farewell to the Grand Stand included the 'Bomber', 'King Austin', 'Super Blue', 'Cro Cro' and 'Brother Valentino' who performed hits from 1956 to the present. Guest performances included the young boy band 'Surge', and the Calypso legends 'Regeneration Now' who blended their voices in usual harmony.

For this grand occasion many wore their best outfits, but none could outdo the 'Mighty Duke' who looked quite dapper as per usual. Also, familiar voices sounded twice as sweet, such as the sounds of 'Sugar Aloes' with his tune "Nobody Loves Nobody", and 'King Austin' singing "Progress".

Making a humorous entrance on stage was part-time MC for the night, Bill Trotman, who dressed as a young school girl for his 1979 hit, "Back to School". Also dressed in full school gear was 'Cro Cro', who sang the truth about the system of placement in the "Common Entrance" examination scheme.

Several encores were heard during the course of the night for artistes such as 'Composer', Denyse Plummer, 'Almanac', 'Pink Panther' and 'Trinidad Rio'. Other energetic performances included 'Singing Sandra's "Dignity", 'Explainer's "Lorraine" and 'Superblue's extreme routine at the end of the show.

Despite these great performances, many things such as lighting, stage positioning and props needed much work. Maybe it was felt that since it was the last show that it was not necessary to put their best foot forward with regards to these preparations. Hopefully, the new structure when erected would take these things into consideration.

Although the mood of the concert was cheerful, it was etched on the minds of all that it was indeed the "last hurrah". It is hoped that the destruction of this monument would be replaced by a grand facility to hold cultural events that would carry as many memories as the Grand Stand.

Kaiso! Kaiso! The Last Hurrah in Pictures: