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Mr. Gomez and Traditional Fancy Sailor gift to TriniView
Señor Gomez & Traditional Fancy Sailor gift to TriniView

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Staff Article
Interview Recorded: May 15, 2005
Posted: June 12, 2005

Carnival was nice to my family

Coming back to Carnival, it was nice to my family and me. My wife played queen and reached semifinals many times. I always have work, and since Carnival I have plenty work. My children are big and they like to paint. I have two boys out there and they are artists; real crack shots. The big boy will do a part of it, but he wouldn't go in too far. I am glad that I could pass it on to the kids home and abroad. The children in the schools show sufficient interest, but you have to go to them and do not mind how they are. That is the norm; that is the generation now. You will find that they are interested. This week some of them came and ask when they could come for measurements again. I told them I would go to the school. It encourages me. There are so many things that you could say. Most of the time people would look on the bad side, even with us.

One of the good sides is that I appreciate what you all have done for me, because NCBA told me to do something and they will put me out there. And then out of the blues my wife went to get some things and she met a friend of hers, which led to this. I can never finish saying thanks, because for instance, the amount of people viewed it; even my children have seen it. I have a son working in the education department and he pulled it up on the net and he called them to see it. The other day when my daughter from California called, we gave her the information and she reacted the same way. They feel good and I feel good too, and if it wasn't for that opportunity there! That's why I showed you the pictures of my daughter and my son and asked if you could put them up as well. Her name is Janice Arrietas and my son is Gerry Gomez. I am happy knowing you all. I saw a fella from America on Independence Square and he said, "Gomez I see you on the Internet, I eh know you still making mas'". I told him this year I was successful too and I won a lot of prizes. Carnival, the art form, is good to me. I always praise the Lord, my wife and my children. My mother saw Carnival with me. My father knew my wife because she was still going to school. He used to call her Candila, which means Fire.

On the 29th May 2005 our marriage will be fifty years old, and on the 11th June, I will be seventy years young. I enjoyed life and I feel good.


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