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The Singing Of The Road March
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Arouca Carnival Launch 2006

Staff Article
Posted: January 18, 2006

Specially invited guests
Specially invited guests
The Arouca Carnival Launch 2006 was held on Sunday 15th January on the Eastern Main Road, Arouca. The main stage was situated next to the La Luna Bar in Arouca and specially invited guests were seated directly opposite the stage on the other side of the main road. The other spectators gathered to the left and right of the stage to witness the 2006 Carnival Launch.

Arouca Carnival Development Committee
Arouca Carnival Development Committee
Although the event did not start at its advertised time, that did not curb the enthusiasm and the continued growth of the crowd. There were literally thousands of spectators who came out of their homes to support the Arouca Carnival Launch. Members of the Arouca Carnival Development Committee were all visible in their red polo shirts, black pants and red sailor hats. They were noticeable throughout the length and breadth of the area as they constantly encircled the vicinity to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

The National Anthem was sung with a beautiful twist by Marilyn Williams who received an enthusiastic response by the audience.

Anna Maria Mora then performed the opening prayer and took that time to address the growing crime situation including a very recent robbery attempt on a Minister of Parliament at a Roman Catholic Church in Arouca. She intimated that crime in Trinidad and Tobago is despicable and should no longer be condoned as the norm.

Clyde A. Constantine
Clyde A. Constantine
The Chairman of the Arouca Carnival Development Committee, Mr. Clyde A. Constantine, gave the welcoming address and thanked all in attendance for supporting the Carnival tradition in Arouca. He especially thanked Mr. Jack Warner for laying the foundation for the Arouca Carnival and emphasized the important role that Warner continues to play even after four years of inactive participation in the Arouca Carnival.

Following this was a brief calendar of events which was presented by Anna Maria Mora, and further greetings were given by Paula Atherly on behalf of the National Carnival Committee.

Subsequent to this were brief speeches by the Parliamentary Representative for Arouca North and Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Marine Resources, Honourable Jarette Narine, who intimated that Arouca is the Mecca of Carnival outside the main centers and the Minister in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Honourable Edward Hart, who warned the gathering to take it easy with the consumption of alcohol, especially during the Carnival Season.

The Secondary Schools Calypso Monarch, Shradah McIntyre, provided entertainment with her winning song entitled "My Parent's Advice". She stressed in this calypso that children should obey their parents because they know best through experience.

Jack Austin Warner
Jack Austin Warner
The feature address was given by Mr. Jack Austin Warner, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Warner Group of Companies, and the former Chairman of the Arouca Development Committee. Although he jokingly said that it was a dangerous time to give him a mic and an audience, he assured the gathering that whoever is in charge of the Carnival Committee that it will go on successfully. He also advised that it makes no sense to have protectionism in Carnival and that the Warner Group of Companies will sponsor the tassa and pan competitions which he asked to be called "Kantac Plaza Night." He also wished that Arouca Carnival be peaceful and crime-free.

Presentations of tokens to sponsors and to specially invited guests honouring Mr. Hagen Warren, Mr. Keith Legard, Mr. Ken Lala, Mrs. Paula Atherly, Mr. Jack Warner, Mr. Eddie Hart and Mr. Jarret Narine were done afterward.

The Senior Calypso Monarch, Mr. Emrol Peters, known in the Calypso world as "Soft Touch", provided further entertainment for the crowd with the song entitled "How".

Greedy Kelly
Greedy Kelly
After the Vote of Thanks and the Presentation of the Bands the crowd was delighted by the shift in format to a more festive atmosphere. The MC's for this part of the cultural extravaganza were Jo Jo and Impulse who provided enough hype to energize the crowd. Artistes such as 'Greedy Kelly' who sang "Show Me the Money" and Jonathan and Sam with their song entitled "Trini Woman" entertained the Trini crowd fusing elements of rock with the soca music. Following these performances were Sexy Suzie with "Real Kaiso", Ferdinand Smith, the seven year old who sang, "Super Blue Soca Missing You", Poser with "Gimme Some", Ken 'Professor' Philmore with "Proud Supporters", Lady Aisha, Mini Priest, Rootsman, Blakie, Pelt, 'Made in Trinidad' band accompanying King David and Constant, Ninja, Michelle Sylvester, Nadia Batson, Terry Seales, Burton Toney, Alisha, Triple X featuring Eddie, Dutch, Danger and Silver.

Natasha Nurse 'Sexy Suzy'
Natasha Nurse
'Sexy Suzy'

Despite the fact that the Arouca Carnival Launch 2006 was successful in terms of public attendance and a very wide range of entertainment, more attention needed to be paid in the area of time management. There were so many performers that were carded to perform before the midnight closing hour that they took the rest of the show to the La Luna Bar next door. The show could have been tighter in order to make allowances for the especially less recognized artistes to perform. However, the people were so pleased with the night's activities that they did not want to leave. Hopefully, the 2007 launch would bring large numbers as it did this year and the necessary improvements will be made to make the event even more successful.

Arouca Carnival Launch 2006 in pictures: