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2007 Carnival Band Launch
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Saphyre 2007 Carnival Band Launch

Sections of Stampede's 2007 Carnival Presentation, 'Come Waltz with Me'
Members of the Youth League of the band Saphyre.
From left (Abby, Larry, Aleema, Colin, Celeste, Cobby, Carlene and Kandice) Article
Posted: October 09, 2006

The band 'Saphyre' launched its 2007 Carnival band presentation on Friday 07th October, 2006 on board the Treasure Queen. The choice of the launch was quite interesting although it was questionable whether it was the right venue for the launch. For one thing, the lighting on the vessel was not suitable enough to highlight the contours and definitions of the costumes. Another point was that the boat itself was not a particularly elegant setting for the affair. It can be assumed that there may have been other factors that the organizers saw in hosting the event at that particular venue that helped to manifest their creative ideas.

People began to trickle into the boat about forty-five minutes to an hour before take off and the vessel finally left the docks of Pier II at about quarter after eight post meridiem.

The Treasure Queen was filled with supporters of the band who were treated to music by DJ Darryl whose selection of tunes had visitors on their feet. Many on board the Treasure Queen ate, drank and socialized with each other and hardly a soul could be found bored or on their seats. Guests were also mesmerized by the natural light of the moon as well as by the lights emanating from the city of Port of Spain.

Saphyre's Carnival 2007 presentation
Saphyre's Carnival 2007 presentation

On the return journey, those on board were entertained by beautiful pan music played by the B.W.I.A Invaders. The music of the sweet pan seemed to hypnotize many who immediately rocked and swayed to the orchestrated melodies.

After the entertainment it was time to get down to the business of the night. People immediately rushed to where the costumed girls were to root for their favourites and to capture them on camera. The theme of the Saphyre band for 2007, "Once Upon a Melody", seemed very intriguing and guests could not wait to steal a view of the artwork. The costumes depicted some of the musical history of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the rest of the Caribbean. The variety of colours and textures used displayed the myriad of musical expressions of the Caribbean.

The twelve sections of the band were: Calypso Rhythms, Samba, Salsa, Caribbean Jazz, Zouk, Roots Rock Reggae, Rag Time, Rock and Roll, African Rhythms, Chutney Soca, Classical Music, Tassa Rhythms.

The individual sections within the band all have musical and historical context. Possibly, the Saphyre band would stand out over all others on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, 2007.


The Saphyre Mas Camp is located at 118 Oxford Street POS Trinidad. The costumes prices range from $1100TT to $1500TT.

For more information call:
Abby 707-0185; Larry 784-1293; Aleema 732-7825; Colin 779-7075; Celeste 722-8461; Cobby 799-5221; Carlene 678-7349; Kandice 782-8861

Saphyre 2007 Carnival Band Launch in pictures: