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Teneisha wins Junior Calypso Monarch

Teneisha Weeks singing 'School Bag Dilemma' Teneisha Weeks singing "School Bag Dilemma" Reporters
Event Date: February 12, 2007
Posted: February 27, 2007

Ten year old Teneisha Weeks took home the title of TUCO / Sunshine Snacks National Junior Calypso Monarch, beating last year's monarch, Dariem Charles, by four points. Weeks, who sang "School Bag Dilemma", composed by Mr. Carlton Keaton, told that she felt, "...really, really good to have won," promising to defend her title next year. Her mother, Christiana Richards, said that she had expected her daughter to get the 'most humorous' title but was pleasantly surprised that her daughter gained first place.

The TUCO / Sunshine Snacks National Junior Monarch Finals took place on Monday 12th February, 2007, at the Jean Pierre Complex with few schools in attendance. However, these schools combined with the many adults in the stands made a sizeable audience at the Complex.

Mrs. Flora Best performed the opening prayer and other speakers included Ms. Linda Pollard, representative of the sponsor Sunshine Snacks; Mr. Michael Leggerton, representative of the sponsor TUCO and Mr. Peter O'Neil, representative of the Ministry of Education.

The programme was quite entertaining and both the children and adults expressed joy at the witty Calypsos. Some of the great Calypsos included the winning composition "School Bag Dilemma" which was very real to many students who are faced with the dilemma of heavy schoolbags; Akeil La Borde's song "My Problem" which appealed to Larry Achong to apologize for his alleged use of an obscenity and Tenaj Smith's powerful rendition of the song "Jus Me".

The 2006 Junior Calypso Monarch of Barbados, Tiffany Goddard; Roderick 'Chucky' Gordon; Olatunji Yearwood and Ann-Marie 'Twiggy' Parks-Cujoe were guest performers, all of whom had participated and placed highly in this competition.

The young Calypsonians and their positions in the competition are as follows:

Placement / Name / Calypso / School

1st / Teneisha Weeks / "School Bag Dilemma" / Melvelle Memorial Girls'
2nd / Dariem Charles / "Teach Our Kaiso History" / Sangre Grande Education Institution
3rd / Ezekiel Yorke / "From the Cradle to the Grave" / St. Mary's College
4th / Erphaan Alves / "My Blessed Land" / St. George's College
5th / Allan Clelland Goddard / "Street Children" / St. Xavier's Private School
6th / Alisha Williams / "Digi Foods" / San Juan Senior Comprehensive
7th / Tenaj Smith / "Jus Me" / St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive
8th / Dinessa Nelson / "Back ah de Bus" / ASJA Girls' College
9th / Dineka Nelson / "I Wouldn't Go" / San Fernando Government Secondary
10th / Zobah Samuel / "The Nation Crying" / Signal Hill Secondary
11th / Natessa Alexander / "Come Home" / St. Madelene Secondary
12th / Akiel La Borde / "My Problem" / Presentation College, San Fernando
13th / Jaylana Bryan / "Amy's Cry" / Bishop Anstey High, Port of Spain

Junior Calypso Monarch 2007 in pictures: