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Machel Montano Gives Thanks

LEFT: Keston Nancoo, Machel Montano, the Honourable Joan Yuille-Williams, Denise Belfon, and The Honourable Howard Chin Lee LEFT: Keston Nancoo, Machel Montano, the Honourable Joan Yuille-Williams,
Denise Belfon, and The Honourable Howard Chin Lee Reporters
Event Date: April 25, 2007
Posted: April 26, 2007

Machel Montano held an appreciation ceremony for corporate sponsors, supporters and friends, which took place on the rooftop of club Zen on Wednesday 25th April, 2007. The theme of the evening, "There are Angels Everywhere Helping Us Along the Way", was an expression indicating the great help and support that he obtained from sponsors, supporters and well–wishers of Machel Montano HD. The event was scheduled to start at 5:30pm but, due to the police presence at the building in the aftermath of the Akon/Danah incident, started about an hour later.

Speakers included Mistress of Ceremonies, Martena Alves–Weatherly, Elizabeth Montano and Machel Montano.

The gathering was an intimate one with no more than one hundred people on the rooftop of Zen. Among the celebrities present at this event were the members of Machel's band and other local entertainers such as Denise Belfon, Benjai, Zan and local break–dancing group, Electric Breakers. Also present was the Chairman of the National Carnival Commission, Mr. Keston Nancoo; Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Mrs. Joan Yuille–Williams; Minister of Tourism, Mr. Howard Chin–Lee; Minister of Public Utilities and the Environment, Mrs. Penelope Beckles and members from the embassy of the United States of America.

After the welcoming addresses by Martena Alves–Weatherly, Machel, and a brief introduction by Elizabeth Montano, there were the presentations of tokens of appreciation to the corporate sponsors, performers and other supporters of Machel. They received paperweights, photos and citation plaques for their support.

Machel Montano, in his address to the gathering, gave thanks to the people involved throughout his career. He firstly started from the womb, thanking his mother, Elizabeth Montano; the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and its ministries including the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment. He also thanked other corporate sponsors, fans, family and friends.

Montano explained that what he is doing in terms of the direction of his career in music is aimed at a greater cultural exchange with people towards harmony. He said that he is also attempting to make Soca music more influential on the world stage and to give the world a clearer vision of his music. Other goals include having a successful form and structure in the distribution of music for the southern Caribbean and empowering the individuals that he comes into contact with. Montano hoped that as he evolves he would be an example for others to follow and could assist in the development of people whether in the arts, dance or sport and to keep his goals in clear view. He promised that Machel Montano HD would provide quality service and high standards in all their work and would remain spiritually grounded and technologically advanced.

He stated that in the twenty–five years as an entertainer, the first twenty years were very painful and the last five were "all right." He said at this point, that he and his band are still very fresh and young.

After expressing her thanks to all involved, Elizabeth Montano shared with the gathering how the Madison Square Garden concert evolved. She explained that while discussing the sold–out crowd for the initial Madison Square Garden concert with Machel, they were thinking of how to improve the concert and then they decided to use the successful "Rezzarek" concert concept in Madison Square Garden. She further explained that at the point in time they made that decision, her phone rang, and on the phone was the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Mrs. Joan Yuille–Williams who discussed with them ways to promote the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, and pledged her assistance to the venture.

The ceremony ended on a good note with members of the gathering sharing a meal and fraternizing amongst themselves. This euphoria would not remain, however, because a few hours after, Machel became embroiled in another club Zen controversy.

Machel Montano's Appreciation Ceremony in pictures: