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Bunji Garlin Blazes the Savannah

Bunji, Brass and Beyond Concert Bunji, Brass and Beyond Concert Reporters
Event Date: February 17, 2007
Posted: February 25, 2007

On Carnival Saturday in the Queen's Park Savannah, the Bunji and Brass (B2B1) Concert came off with approximately 12,000 fans who sang, danced and waved rags and huge flags throughout the show. Starting at 10 pm were Caribbean groups the LA Krew of Antigua and Jabae from Barbados. Roy Cape All Stars, with their dynamic frontline trio of Olatunji Yearwood, Trini Jacobs and Blaxx also entertained the swelling crowd with their Soca repertoire. They were joined on stage by Black Stalin who received a thunderous response from the crowd as he delivered "Black Man Feeling to Party."

At midnight, the winner of the Groovy Soca Monarch Competition, Biggie Irie, came on stage and he had the crowd singing along to his hit song "Nah Going Home." He spoke of his love for Trinidad but shared with the audience that the only thing he did not like about Trinidad is the way they (Trinidadians) drive.

Also performing was newly crowned International Soca Monarch 2007 Iwer George, Denise 'Saucy Wow' Belfon, Crazy and Dawg E Slaughter. Iwer George in particular gave a super charged performance with his hit song "Fete after Fete."

At 2 am a skit involving the famous Beulah and talented 10 year old, Mark Pierre, dramatized the early years of Bunji Garlin's life in which it was emphasized that he was always chanting and singing. After this the lights dimmmed and a large white curtain filled the front of the stage. It was later pulled away to dramatically reveal the main feature, Bunji Garlin, dressed in black and standing next to his 'pet dragon'. Bunji shouted, "Somebody say fire!" and the crowd erupted in a frenzy. The star act then delivered his hit song "Smoke Fire Brigade." Three females climbed over the barricade separating the crowd and stage and began to demonstrate their wining skills. The number soon grew to twelve before the protective services asked them to move.

Fans jumped, danced and waved flags and rags. A couple of posters were held up high with the words, "Bunji Garlin is my Darling." Garlin then launched into his song "Ghetto Crew" in which part of the lyrics went, "If you see my face always screw...and you find I too rugged for you, people don't feel no how."

Bunji Garlin was soon joined on stage by Calypsonian Singing Sandra who he referred to as his 'mother in the business'. She received a raptous response from the audience as she held her own, freestyling with the lyrics master, Bunji.

Four moko jumbies dressed in wedding garb heralded the stage entrance of Faye-Ann Lyons-Alvarez. The crowd roared as Bunji and Faye-Ann kissed on stage. Faye-Ann then delivered her Carnival song, much to the appreciation of the audience.

During his three hour long stay on stage, Bunji Garlin displayed his impressive free-styling skills and performed a number of his popular songs from over the years such as "Snake Oil Girl", "Blaze It Up", "Blessings", "Send Dem Riddim Crazy", "Breakaway" and "Right Now." Bunji was joined on stage at separate times by Explainer, Lil' Bits, Allison Hinds, Scarface, Peter Ram, and Prophet Benjamin, all of whom paid him tribute.

Flag Crews waving massive flags were very prominent during the concert, going by names emblazoned on their flags and jerseys such as 'Two Face Crew', 'Smart Man Crew', 'Curtain Crew', 'Block 44', 'Trini Bomb Squad', 'Mad Man Crew' and 'Spanglers'. Some of these crews did acrobatic antics such as diving off the stage, appearing to be surfing on top of the crowd and throwing their members high in the air and catching them. The Curtain Crew and Spanglers would clash lyrically on stage in a highly charged polemical bout between two guys, representing the two crews, which was refereed by Bunji. Each of them claimed that their crew was more original.

Ten year old Mark Pierre made an impact on the crowd, joining Bunji and Prophet Benjamin on stage and flawlessly delivering Benjamin's lines for the Bunji-Benjamin duet "Bun Ah Fire" as the Prophet listened, visibly impressed. Prophet Benjamin then delivered a couple of his songs including his popular number "Who She Want." Peter Ram was the last performer joining Bunji on stage as the show ended abruptly at 5 am.

Bunji, Brass and Beyond Concert in pictures: