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NYAC Stars of Tomorrow Competition

Roderick 'Chucky' Gordon sings 'Sweet Justice' Right: Roderick 'Chucky' Gordon sings "Sweet Justice" Reporters
Event Date: January 21, 2007
Posted: January 25, 2007

The National Youth Action Committee presented it's 16th Annual Stars of Tomorrow Calypso Competition on Sunday 21st January, 2007, at the St. James Amphitheatre.

The opening benediction was given by Bro. Aiyegoro Ome, followed by a brief welcome by Bro. Akhenaton Daaga who expressly thanked the contributors and financiers of NACC and its subcommittee's cultural projects.

Also addressing the gathering was Mr. Richard Espinet, CEO of Guardian General Insurance Ltd. who indicated his pride in working together with the NACC in promoting the culture and cultural talents coming out of Trinidad and Tobago.

Audience members were treated to thought-provoking Calypso music such as Wendy Thomas-Garrick's "Another CEPEP Gang" and Terri Lyons' "Ah Fed Up"; songs that cried for salvation from societal ills such as Giselle Fraser-Washington's "This is my Prayer" and Amrika Mutroo's "Lets Find a Way"; and party tunes such as Nesta Boxill's "Sweet on You" and Shawn Thomas' "Dey Cyah Touch we Carnival".

Although these and other songs moved the audience through a variety of emotions, Roderick Gordon, aka 'Chucky' won the judges favour and emerged as the winner of the NACC Stars of Tomorrow competition.

NYAC Star of Tomorrow 2007 Results:

Place / Artiste / Song

1st / Rodrick Gordon / "Street Justice"
2nd / Monique Hector / "Why We Lost"
3rd / Jervae Caesar / "Carry Me"
4th / Terry Lyons / "Ah Feel It"
5th / Amrika Mutroo / "Let's Find A Way"
6th / Stephen Marcelle / "Who Feels It Knows"
7th / Ancil Valley / "Father"
8th / Shereen Caesar / "Forgive Me Africa"
9th / Anthony Lincoln / "Work To Do"
10th / Wendy Thomas-Garrick / "Another CEPEP Gang"
11th / Olatunji Yearwood / "Dey Cyar Touch We Carnival"
12th / Arnold Jordon / "Wake Up"
13th / Cindy Alleyne / "Caribbean Melody"
14th / Richard Dickson / "Criminalogy"

The competitors of the 16th Annual Stars of Tomorrow Calypso Competition and their songs were as follows:

Artiste / Song

Stephen Marcelle / "Who Feels it Knows"
Wendy Thomas-Garrick / "Another CEPEP Gang"
Giselle Fraser-Washington / "This is my Prayer"
Amrika Mutroo / "Lets Find a Way"
Ancil Valley / "Father"
Richard Dickson / "Criminology"
Nesta Boxill / "Sweet on You"
Roderick Gordon / "Sweet Justice"
Kirk Ross / "We are all Winners"
Shereen Caesar / "Forgive me Africa"
Sean Daniels / ?
Terri Lyons / "Ah Fed Up"
Monique Hector / "Why we Lost"
Cindy Alleyne / "Caribbean Melody"
Jervae Caesar / "Carry Me"
Andrew Prescod / "Beauty"
Shawn Thomas / "Dey Cyah Touch we Carnival"
Olatunji Yearwood / "Cry of the Nation"
Anthony Lincoln / "Work to do"
Marion Paponette / "I Wanna Live"
Arnold Jordan / "Wake Up"

NYAC Top 20 Stars of Tomorrow in pictures: