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Iwer and Biggie Irie - Soca Monarch Champs

Neil Iwer George, the notable 'big man in the Soca business' Neil Iwer George, the notable 'big man in the Soca business' Reporters
Event Date: February 16, 2007
Posted: February 24, 2007

Neil Iwer George, the notable "big man in the Soca business" won the International Power Soca Monarch Competition with his popular hit "Fete After Fete". This is the third time that the king of Power Soca has won the title, doing so in 2002 and 2003. Clearly, Iwer is far from the road to retirement and his fans have reconfirmed that he is indeed one of the pillars of the Soca industry.

Bajan star Biggie Irie won the Groovy Soca Monarch Competition with his tune "Nah Going Home" making history as the first person outside of Trinidad and Tobago to gain top position in this competition. His likable tune has been a hit on the local airways and so, despite the fact that it was a close race between himself and the other contestants, it was no big surprise that he won.

Shurwayne Winchester, although gaining bmobile People's Choice Award, could not regain the titles of Power nor Groovy Soca Monarch this year. Winchester placed fourth in the International Soca Monarch and 3rd in the Groovy Soca Monarch Competitions respectively.

Another grand performance came from Nadia Batson who placed third in the Groovy Competition with "Caribbean Girl" and second in the International Soca Monarch with the tune "My Land" with Kees Diffentahller.

Patrice Roberts, 2006 Road March Queen, also had a splendid performance placing fourth in position in the Soca Monarch Competition.

Generally the performances at the competition were fantastic but Crazy's performance of the hit "Cold Sweat" was quite the disappointment. His performance lacked the creativity and energy that would have been expected with such a tune. It was not shocking, therefore, that he did not place in winner's row.

Bajan star Biggie Irie won the Groovy Soca Monarch Bajan star Biggie Irie won the Groovy Soca Monarch

Some guests of the Soca Monarch Competition included Allison Hinds, KMC, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas and Machel Montano HD. They all did well to excite the audience. School's Soca Monarch Young Marcel with his tune "On and On" was also well-received by the Soca Monarch crowd.

The National Stadium, the host venue of the International Soca Monarch Competition, is one of the few venues in the country that can accommodate a crowd in excess of thirty thousand and proved to be the place of choice to house the large stage and the huge crowd. The massive stage which appeared to be about 100 feet was more than sufficient to accommodate the band, the artiste and their props, some of which were very elaborate. However, the audience on the floor were unable to see many of the elaborate stage performances because of the height and expanse of the stage.

The ground was covered from end to end to protect the turf and the grass from the thousands of feet that trampled on its floors and the streams of garbage which unfortunately is a common sight at many events.

The impressive lighting effects also added a certain grandeur to the event which was another plus for the organizers. The fireworks which signaled the beginning of the show were also a delightful treat that showered the thick blanket of patrons on the ground and in the seats above.

All was not well as there were many incidences of crime including theft and a few scuffles. In fact, bandits wrestled away a camera from a member of, which hampered our coverage of the event.

The results of the two competitions are as follows:

International Power Soca Monarch:

Placement / Artiste / Song

1st / Iwer George / "Fete After Fete"
2nd / Nadia Batson Featuring Kess / "My Land"
3rd / Shurwayne Winchester / "Open De Gates"
4th / Patrice Roberts / "Light It Up"

International Groovy Soca Monarch:

Placement / Artiste / Song

1st / Biggie Irie / "We Nah Goin Home"
2nd / Chucky / "Turn Around"
3rd / Nadia Batson / "Caribbean Girl"
4th / Shurwayne Winchester / "Allequa"

Soca Monarch Finals 2007 in pictures: