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Phill Dyer Wins SWMCOL Calypso Competition

Ray Brathwaite makes a presentation to the SWMCOL Calypso Competition 2007 winner Phill Dyer Ray Brathwaite makes a presentation to the SWMCOL
Calypso Competition 2007 winner Phill Dyer Reporters
Event Date: June 01, 2007
Posted: June 08, 2007

The Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) held its 5th Annual Environmental Calypso Competition at the Lions Cultural Center in Port of Spain. The competition commemorated World Environment Day 2007.

The SWMCOL Codrington Pan Family kept the audience entertained as guests settled in the auditorium. The Codringtons thrilled the audience with their well-executed pan songs as they played Shurwayne Winchester's "Don't Stop", "Memories" and "Matilda" by Sparrow, "Meh Lover" by Lord Nelson, and "What I Want" by Fireball.

Kwesi Atiba, Executive Manager of Corporate Services in SWMCOL, told the large audience that over the last four years SWMCOL has used the Environmental Calypso Competition to sensitize the public about environmental issues. He thanked the audience for their support. SWMCOL's Chairman, Ray Brathwaite, addressed the audience next and declared that CEPEP is a family, and quoting the Prime Minister said that the Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) is here to stay because of the significance of the work they do. He further remarked that the only way that CEPEP can be preserved is by keeping the quality of performance at the very highest. He stated that SWMCOL will be creating a CEPEP Calypso CD comprising of all the Calypso competition winners which will stay as a living memory of the quality of their work as well as for use as material in SWMCOL's drive to become the premier environmental services company in the Caribbean. In addition, Mr. Brathwaite lauded the Codrington Pan Family for being a good family example and praised them for their achievements.

The MC for the evening, popular comedian Tommy Joseph, had the audience laughing heartily at his various 'clean' jokes. He sang the popular song "Tiny Winy" and then mimicked how Calypsonians Duke, David Rudder and Explainer would sing the song, much to the amusement of the audience. SWMCOL's employees certainly showed their talent in the Calypso arena. The themes of the waste disposal, environment and environmental protection and CEPEP were central themes that were explored by the contestants. The Calypsos by the contestants explored environmental concerns such as waste management, soil erosion, industrial pollution, deforestation, global warming, environmental protection as well as the value and significance of CEPEP in the protection and enhancement of the environment. The contestants were from all over Trinidad and they performed before a large and enthusiastic audience.

Songstress and songwriter Nadia Batson took to the stage and thrilled the audience with her Soca hits. Some patrons left their seats to gather and dance by the stage. KMC also graced the stage, performing a number of his past and present Soca hits for the audience. He was followed by the rhythmic sounds of A Few Good Men Tassa Group whose drumming inspired a dance-off between two men and a lady in front of the stage.

Following the Tassa, results of the competition were announced, and it was young Phill Dyer from South East Maintenance who won the 2007 SWMCOL Environmental Calypso Crown, edging another crowd favorite, Joseph Lucess, into second place. The results of SWMCOL's Environmental 2007 Calypso Competition are as follows:

Placings / Names / Sobriquet / Calypso / Company

1st / Phill Dyer / Phill Dyer / The Environment and Me / South East M'tce

2nd / Joseph Lucess / Mickey and De Foes / Speak D Truth / Maximum Env.

3rd / Ann Marie Daniel / Watch What You Doing / Docland Services

4th / Dona Diaz / Singing Dona / Mr. PEP / Saphire Env.

5th / Reynold Lai Fook / Mighty Chico / Environment Commitment

6th / Lewis Gordon / Baldy / Throw Yuh Waste / Saphire Env.

7th / Essan Allsop / Brown Sugar / Environmental Crazy / Gap Environmental

8th / Susan Browne / Mother and D Hard Wukking Crew / Clean Up the Environment / Maximum Env.

8th / Susan Edwards / Simply Susan / Old Folks Say / Gateway Env.

8th / Sylvan Clarke / Preddy / Protect the Wildlife and Ecosystem / Lo Pari Landscaping

11th / Augustine Moore / Mighty Packer / CEPEP, the Final Analysis / Roopy's Contracting

12th / Eric Nicholson / Stranger / Leh We Nice It Up / Samcoll Construction

13th / Samuel Fraser / Mighty Tapas / The Environment Change / Cleanville Co.

14th / Mary Fournellier / Feeling Good / Agronomics Inc.

15th / Joseph Charles/Research / The Four Elements / Two J's Beautification

The judges who had the difficult task of choosing and rating the performances were Bernadette Paul, Elizabeth Andrew, Susan Figaro-Williams, Lloyd Gellineau and Hugh Grant.

Iwer "Mashing Up Fete is My Name" George closed off the evening, performing several of his popular Soca songs.

SWMCOL Calypso Competition 2007 in pictures: