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Ladies Night: Oh What A Night!

Faye Ann Lyons-Alvarez and Terri Lyons Faye Ann Lyons-Alvarez and Terri Lyons Reporters
Event Date: February 02, 2007
Posted: February 05, 2007

The Ladies Night Concert, organised by Randy Glasgow Productions, came off last Friday at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port of Spain. The show started at 9:50 pm with the Jean Pierre Complex almost filled to capacity with enthusiastic patrons. Two large video screens were placed next to the stage for the convenience of patrons and the band Soca Unit was on hand to provide musical accompaniment for the performers.

A regal Singing Sandra came on stage to the strains of her song 'Voices From the Ghetto' receiving a very warm reception from the audience who sang along. Sandra followed with "Die With My Dignity". "You could keep your money, I go keep my honey and die with my dignity", she sung in the well-known refrain.

Popular singer, 'Blackie', was next singing "Tack Back" and "If Ah Hook", both of which were well received by the large crowd. The Soca champion from Grenada, introduced only as Nneka, next took to the stage singing "Don't Let Me Go". She was followed by the colourful and energetic Shiv Shakti Dancers who delighted the crowd with their dance moves. The all female vocal group 'Flame' from Tobago led by the versatile Sharon Phillips sung a couple of songs, ending with a rendition of "I will Survive" that had the audience singing along.

Excitement rippled through the crowd as Shurwayne Winchester and the band Traffik took to the stage. For his entire performance he had the audience in the palm of his hand singing "Don't Stop Giving it to Me", "Give It To Me" and "Look The Band Coming". Shurwayne jumped off the stage and walked through the seated patrons while singing. He was soon surrounded by female fans, all eager to get close to him. He continued singing while being mobbed by his enthusiastic fans, but eventually returned to the stage to sing "Dead or Alive", "Ah Cyah Wait" and his 2007 hit "Open The Gate".

The band Atlantik and lead singer Destra Garcia next came on stage singing her popular songs "Independent Ladies", "I Dare You", "We Not Giving Up" and "Max It Up". Patrons again left their seats in excitement and swarmed to the front of the stage blocking those who were seated in the front rows. The patrons retreated from the front of the stage at the end of Destra's performance but tried to return during the performance of Denise 'Saucy Wow' Belfon, only to be blocked by police officers. Saucy Wow mesmerized the crowd with her famous bicycle wine and she called Synergy Soca Star singer 'Killa B' on stage who entertained the crowd by climbing on top of the 10 foot stage speaker and wining on his head. She then proceeded to comment that she did not like how the police were preventing the patrons from coming to the front of the stage. With this, patrons charged the police blockade and swarmed to the front of the stage, much to the annoyance of the police officers.

After that bacchanal, Singing Francine took to the stage, followed by an energetic Calypso Rose who sang "Queen of the Road". At quarter to one, the band struck up the chords of "Black Man Love to Party" and Black Stalin strolled on stage, as the appreciative crowd began to sing the song word for word. Black Stalin had the audience begging for more.

After Black Stalin's performance, Super Blue emerged on stage to rousing applause from the audience. The eight time Road March winner sang "Soca Baptist" and "Ethel" as the audience danced and waved. Super Blue was soon joined on stage by his daughters Faye-Ann and Terri as well as his son-in-law Bunji Garlin to a frenzied response by the crowd. Faye-Ann credited her dad with being a big inspiration to her writing and highlighted that he was the one that started the jump and wave trend that has become popular in Soca music over the years. The crowd grew silent as Super Blue embraced his daughters on stage. Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann performed several songs before Bajan singer Peter Ram closed off the show with "Woman By My Side".

Denyse Plummer, Cyclops and Michelle Sylvester also performed. Comedians Rachel Price, Tommy Joseph and Clifford Learmond had the audience in stitches with their scandalous routines and jokes. Overall it was a night of excellent performances and the large crowd showed its enthusiasm and appreciation throughout the show.

Ladies Night in pictures: