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Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Hard Core Kaiso in Central Reporters
Posted: January 29, 2006

Carey 'Kinte' Stephens
Carey 'Kinte' Stephens

The Hard Core Kaiso 2006 Competition, presented by Central Rainbow Stars, was held at the Chaguanas Community Center on Friday 27 January, 2006. Its aim, according to calypsonian "Kinte", is to create a permanent Calypso Tent for residents of Chaguanas and surrounding areas so that their talents could be expressed on common ground. Central Rainbow Stars in conjunction with TUCO crafted this idea and the fruit of their planning, Hard Core Kaiso 2006 Competition, proved to be a success. Although the crowd was very small in comparison to other events, the audience was very appreciative of the generally great performances, which was indeed one of the best productions for the Carnival Season thus far. The venue was appropriate for the size of the crowd, the music system was adequate, the performances were tight and very importantly, the show began on time.

The Hard Core Kaiso 2006 Competition was the first to be visited by judges for the semi-finals of the Calypso Monarch Competition which would be held in Skinner's Park Savannah in San Fernando. Judging from the performances, many of the Calypsonians should move on to the semi-final and final rounds of the competition.


There were twenty-one performances by some rather interesting characters. Calypsonians such as 'Sideways' with "BBC News", 'Bokie' with "Soccer Balls", 'Santa' with "Tribute To The 4 Kings" and 'Surpriser' with "Leave the Salt" had the audience rolling off their seats. The 'Surpriser', the 75 year old Calypsonian left quite an impression on the audience with his raunchy lyrics and energetic performance. He proved that age should be no boundary to performance. Another extremely energetic and excellent performance was the Vincentian, 'Alla G' who performed "Du Gu Du Gu". He was one of the few calypso artistes to take full advantage of the entire area during the performance and ensured full participation from the audience.

Sarah Vallie
Sarah Vallie

The female calypsonians, Sarah Vallie, Nakasa Thatcher and Devica, although outnumbered were not outdone by the men. They proved that they could hold their own with three powerful performances. Sarah Vallie, one the youngest performers of the night sang "War and Peace" which was one of the more serious and insightful performances of the night. Another young performer, Nakasa Thatcher entertained the audience with the song "Homos in Woodford Square" doing voices and actions to add to her performance. The last female calypsonian, Devica sang her uniquely styled calypso entitled "Ole Man" and even brought along an old man who was well endowed and showed off his prowess.

The calypsonian, 'Natural' had the audience guessing with his rendition, "Chinee Cyah Sing Soca". His out-of-time delivery was as deliberate as it was humorous and many reacted to the performance with raised eyebrows and with laughter.

The Hard Core Kaiso 2006 Competition was indeed one of the most enjoyable and entertaining shows of the season. Other programmes should take example from this one; no matter the size of the audience, the venue for the show, or the artistes, regardless of their level of popularity, the best should be done at all times.

Hard Core Kaiso Competition in pictures: