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Icons Calypso Tent
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Icons Keep the Flame of Calypso Burning Reporters
February 15, 2006

'Singing Francine'
'Singing Francine'
On Friday, 10 February 2006, the Icons of Calypso performed for their fans and supporters at the Ambassador Hotel in Long Circular. Artistes such as 'Lord Nester', 'Disciple', Steve Sealy and others including the melodious Icon Orchestra, entertained at Cro Cro's Tent. The ballroom was moderately packed with mostly mature men and women in the audience. This seems to be an indicator that the older ones have greater appreciation for the traditional styled Calypso artform and that they are the ones that are keeping the flame of the Calypso music burning. However, there is hope for Calypso music in Trinidad and Tobago and the young people have shown interest. The youngest member of the Icons Calypso Tent, Michelle Henry gives testimony to this. Her powerful performances of the night including, "The Voice of Justice" and "Big Country Song", were well received by the audience. Another great young performer of the night was the rising Soca Star, Ferdinand Smith who pleaded with Superblue to return to music because, "Soca missing you."

Crowd favourites included the 'Bomber' with his songs "In the Cockpit" and "Put Down the Guns", 'Nature', and 'The Black Prince', who gave grand performances and received numerous encores. Performances were quick and the show itself was relatively tight, which was a grand feat for the number of artistes scheduled to perform. The audience also welcomed two of the greatest legends of Calypso and Soca, the great doctor himself, Dr. Slinger Francisco, more commonly referred to as the Mighty Sparrow and the Soca King, Austin Lyons, known in the entertainment world as Superblue.

Other well received performances included the 'Lingo' who sang of his experiences as a blind person in his song entitled "Stereotype" and professed in his second song that despite feelings of hopelessness, "Love Beats Cancer". The renowned and very diverse performer, Marcia Miranda, spiced up the atmosphere with her song entitled "Skimpy Glove" and artistes including Cyclops and Lady Aisha added comic relief to the event.

The Icons Tent was the last to be judged for the Finals of the Calypso Monarch Competition. Most performances were above par and it seemed as though they all had good chances of winning. However, only 'The Original De Fosto Himself' and Steve Sealy, who is on reserve, made it to the final round of the competition in this group. If the strong performances that were produced this year transcends into the next, the success of the Icons Calypso Tent would continue into the future.

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