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Kings Go Forth
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Kings Go Forth Concert Reporters
March 12, 2006

Hands of Rhythm
Hands of Rhythm

Duane O' Connor
Duane O' Connor

Marva Mc Kenzie
Marva Mc Kenzie

Allan Celland Goddard
Allan C. Goddard

Jaylana Bryan
Jaylana Bryan

Marcel Bennett
Marcel Bennett

The Kings Go Forth Concert was held on Saturday 11 March 2006, to commemorate some of the more revered Calypso artistes for the 2006 Carnival Season. Patrons trickled into St. James Amphitheatre which became filled by around 9.30pm.

Although the advertised time was 7pm, no action occurred until minutes to 8 when the 'Hands of Rhythm' rhythm section heated the atmosphere with a medley of local and regional hits. The MC's for the night were Ms. Sherlene Hendrickson and Mr. Dwayne O'Conner who opened with the song entitled, "Stand T&T".

Following this and a fantastic performance by Marva Mc Kenzie were some young Calypso artistes who performed spectacularly during the Carnival Season gone by. Allan Celland Goddard, a true Calypso Pioneer, Dinessa Nelson, winner of the Calypso Juniors Competition, Jaylana Bryan, winner of the Calypso Jewels and Marcel Bennett, Calypso Champion of both the Pathfinder and Junior Soca Monarch Competitions all performed their winning tunes at the amphitheatre.

Some other interesting and well received performers were Jervae Caesar with his song entitled, "Caribbean Woman", 'The Bodyguard', who was dressed in full police attire singing about "The Market Cuss Out", Heather Mc Intosh with her song entitled "Ma Terese Deposit" and Brother Mudada with "Dem Judges" which received the most encores for the night.

Brother Mudada's performance was quite an interesting one and the little picong that was added in the mix seemed to upset Sandra 'Singing Sandra' Des Vingnes who came with two bottles in hand at the front of the stage to express her anger. 'Singing Sandra' and 'Chalkdust' did not perform as scheduled.

During several segments of the show were Award Presentations to legends in the Calypso Industry, including Choy Aming who has contributed to the proliferation of the music on the world scene, 'Funny', 'Poser', 'Prospector' 'Lord Brigo', 'All Rounder', 'Contender', 'Explainer', 'Conquerer', 'Brother Valentino' and others.

The show was a good one.

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