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The Singing Of The Road March
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Ladies Nite Out Reporters
February 05, 2006

McCartha 'Calypso Rose' Lewis
McCartha Lewis
'Calypso Rose'

The 'Ladies Nite Out' Concert which was held on Friday 3rd February 2006, showcased female Calypsonians and Soca Queens in all their glory. These ladies of Calypso and Soca showed that they could hold their own in the male-dominated music industry and demolished the bogus theory of female ineptitude. The show started promptly at 8.30 pm, which was appreciated by the large audience at the Jean Pierre Complex.

Singing Sandra
Singing Sandra

The strong and talented Singing Sandra started the show with positive vibrations, followed by a lively performance by the exuberant Denyse Plummer. Calypso Rose, one of the greatest female legends of the Calypso world was well received by the audience who could not help but get on their feet to dance to her melody. It was this magnificent performance that started the trend of patrons standing at the front of the stage inevitably blocking some members of the audience. This tendency went on despite the warning of the security force present. Hopefully, the producers of these shows would find a way to prevent this from happening in the future.

Other female artistes including Michelle Sylvester, Faye-Ann Lyons, Sanelle Dempster, Denise Belfon, Destra Garcia, Knycky Cordner, Singing Sonia and Patrice Roberts, rocked the entire complex. Male artistes were also welcomed by the female audience including, Blakie, Terry Seales, Bunji Garlin, Zan, Maximus Dan and the local boy band, Surge.

MC - Rachel Price
MC - Rachel Price

Alicia The Duchess was the MC for part of the night followed by the vivacious and arguably controversial Rachael Price. Miss Price enlightened the mostly female crowd on many issues. One of them was the issue of the former Miss Universe of 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliams' pregnancy. She knocked the former president of Trinidad and Tobago, Sir Ellis Clarke for his negative comments concerning Ms. Fitzwilliams' choice to announce her pregnancy in front of a group of Roman Catholic school girls. She said that Ms. Fitzwilliams was "a big woman" and was free to do as she pleased with regards to her own life. She also emphasized the hypocrisy of the media, the Roman Catholic Church and others for condemning Wendy Fitzwilliams for her pregnancy and ignoring other male personalities for impregnating women out of wedlock.

Members of the St. Augustine Chamber Orchestra
Members of the St. Augustine Chamber Orchestra

Bands such as 'Blue Ventures' and 'D Unit Band' accompanied most of the performers on stage. However, it was the all female orchestra, the St. Augustine Chamber Orchestra, who got the crowed peaked with their renditions of popular Soca tunes on their stringed instruments.

Some supporters left prematurely and were understandably upset after the false warning by Destra that she was the last performer of the night. This err, whether genuine or not should never be repeated.

Denise 'Saucy Wow' Belfon
Denise Belfon
'Saucy Wow'

Despite the few maladies, the 'Ladies Nite Out' production was successful and showed that female Calypso and Soca artistes are indeed a force to be reckoned with. These female entertainers had a large and loyal fan base of both sexes who displayed their appreciation throughout the length and breadth of the show. Women have and will continue to take strides for a more equitable existence.

Ladies Nite Out in pictures: