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Welcome to Point Fortin

Life & Development in Point Fortin:
Silver Jubilee Borough Day Celebrations 2005

Borough Council Town Hall
Borough Council Town Hall

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Marlon Richardson Speaks - Pt 2

April 26, 2005

A lot of people have now tried to use the concept of 'Pan On The Move'. We do not mind, we say we will share the culture. Arima, San Fernando and even Port of Spain have started using the concept. But, there is nothing like the original. If you want to get the real sauce, you must come to Point Fortin. This year we have fifteen conventional bands and we have seven single pans. Over the years we have tried to introduce new aspects to the celebrations. I am seeing it grow and grow.

The diary of events for example: If you take it from the Wednesday, we have Chutney, and we have the grand market which happens from the morning. That is where we have a number of different things happening inside there. We have the chutney night, the stick fighting, a charity event; about four events and about five or six parties that might take place that same night.

On Thursday you have the grand market again, the pan for blue music, which is a school pan competition; you also have a cookout by the EC School. Nobody cooks in Point Fortin that day; everybody goes out and supports the school. You have a steelband concert with Exodus or Despers, Denise Belfon in concert, and then there is the biggest fete that we have, the Point Fortin original on the Thursday night.

On the 6th you have fete again at the festival arena; on the 7th, which is the main day, you have the dock of the bay Jouvert. The Jouvert is massive to the point where some people come for the Jouvert, enjoy it and go home, but do not come back out for the Borough Day. Then there is the 'Tassa Rama' where you have some of the top tassa groups in Trinidad coming into Point Fortin. Then there is the NCC contingent of traditional characters. There will be Pan on the move with fifteen conventional bands, and after you listen to the pan, you can still go down to the festival arena where you have an open air concert with Invasion, Surface, Red White and Black, Doggie Slaughter, Immortal Jugglers System and a whole lot of top entertainers.

On the Sunday when you feel you are finished, you still have the major cool down which is very big. On Monday you will have the vintage calypso and humorous show as a wrap up. We had to cut the official calendar because people are now trying to move it into another week. There will be eighteen days of events, and generally this is what the calendar looks like for the annual Borough Day celebrations.


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